Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Hot Club

Bags is usually at the Hot Club Wednesdays but was nowhere in sight last week. I asked the Wise Man if Bags didn't come out because Bags' car would get cold.

Oh and Bags bagged me. He made sure to e-mail the Caustic Cutie to tell her of last week's inclusion in the 'Zine. She showed up at the Hot Club. Fortunately CC Rider has a sense of humor. And that coat was Beaver not Fitch.

The Warden was wearing a towel over his head and a ball cap over the towel. The Warden told me "It's the South Lebanon look".

Citizen Caroline, Patriot Pat and I were talking about New England's game versus San Diego The Chargers decided to sell tickets only to people from Southern California. I said that was 'bad karma, bad juju' and it would come back to bite them in the butt. It did.

Britt wanted to know why I hadn't mentioned David Beckham signing with the LA Galaxy. I told her it occurred after Sportzine was finished. Britt referred to 'Becks' as "my next husband". I told her that first she had to get rid of Posh Spice. Britt said no problem, "I'll fit her through the slats."

Wise said Hooks had an Internet date, but was staying home. Hooks cancelled the date when he had a chance with a younger woman. But the young'un backed out on Hooks. The Consigliere observed, "Pigs eat. Hogs get slaughtered."

Josh, HC's Grillmeister, wore a great T-shirt. It said 'Peasant'.

Someone asked where Mr. D. was. I said that he went to PPAC to see the play Wicked. I said that Wicked is a 'hot ticket'. Grant told me he used to go out with a Japanese woman. He called her a 'hot shit'. She didn't like it at all. She took it literally. He couldn't explain.

The Warden had a new watch and proudly showed it to the Geek who asked him to take it off so he could check it out up close. The Geek said, "Now that I have it in my hands, $30 for the sucker."

Grant said he didn't like Tuesdays. Wednesday is hump day. Thursday is payday. Friday starts the weekend. I told him that I hate Mondays and mentioned Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats song I Don't Like Mondays. It's a song based on the true story of a girl who shot up her school. When asked why she did it, she said, "I don't like Mondays."

Friend Ken Forestal called the HC after the Pats game but no one knew Jim Dawson. Kenny said, "A great writer like you will go to an unmarked grave much like Mozart."


The Independent Film Channel is a favorite of mine and my brother Brad's. No commercials during movies. Movies shown uncut. Films not just movies. Mr. D. once asked me the difference between a film and a movie. I said that a film is a movie that you don't understand.

It's tough to find TV listings for IFC (the Globe has it but not the ProJo). However IFC is a beacon in the night. Let's hope they don't sell out to some corporate pig. That happened to the once promising AMC and Bravo. Now AMC shows movies that run 1:30 in 3-hour slots so they can maximize their commercials. Bravo no longer shows movies uncut. I love sci-fi and horror but I won't watch the Sci-Fi Channel because they censor their showings.

You shouldn't have to pay for a premium channel like HBO just to see uncut movies. TCM (once Turner Classic Movies) still shows films without commercials but they tend to be of older vintage so there's little need for censoring/cutting.So let's hear it for IFC, a pearl amongst swine.


"...the reason horror films are being made is that distributors and financiers see a way of making easy money. The genre is riding a wave of popularity that it hasn't enjoyed in a long time. It has broken out of the hardcore audience section and is reaching a much more broad-based audience." (Neil Marshall, director of The Descent as quoted by IMDb.com)


When I rented this movie from Blockbuster, the clerk told me "You'll have a hard time breathing." She was right. The scares come as fast and furious as the descent into Hell. My daughter Cara wouldn't even see it due to its reputation.

Neil Marshall, director of Dog Soldiers (2002) one of my favorite 'unknown' horror movies, has crafted a creepy piece of cinema about 6 women descending into a cave in the Appalachian Mountains.

Marshall has called it a movie about '6 chicks with picks'. It's much more than that. There are more than monsters lurking in the shadows. The women must confront their own demons as well as the Eloi-like beings that roam the underworld.

The creatures are reminiscent of Gollum and some of the other beasties in Lord of the Rings. The 'crawlers' emit a noise that recalls the sound emitted by the invisible alien in Predator.

The women are a little hard to tell apart until you pick up on the color of helmets and hair. Plus the setting is dark with eerie lighting supplied by a number of sources including flares, helmet lights, and glow sticks. The greenish-yellow pallor contributes to an unearthly, ghastly and ghostly hell.

Who will survive? Who will be reduced to the rubble of bones? Who will see the light? Who will fall prey to the dark? Come along for the ride. Come along if you dare. Come along for some scares.

Reel Deals: According to IMDb, the tagline of this movie is "Scream your last breath." The creatures are called 'crawlers'. The working title in the UK for the movie was Crawlspace. Klaus Kinski was in a film of the same name (1986) which had it moments.

The cast members were taken to a rock-climbing center in Derbyshire, England to help prepare them for filming.

Neil Marshall (5/25/70) is English and part of the 'Splat Pack' (per Alan Jones in Total Film magazine). Other 'Splat Pack' directors, according to Jones, are Alexandre Aja (Haute Tension, the remake of The Hills Have Eyes), Darren Lynn Bousman of the Saw movies, Greg McLean (Wolf Creek), Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever), James Wan (Saw) Rob Zombie (House of a 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects) and Leigh Whannell (who wrote all the Saw movies).

And per Alex Ballard of the website Bloody-disgusting.com, Neil Marshall calls this movie 'Deliverance goes underground". The Descent is rated R for strong violence/gore and language. Sorry, no nudity.

Victoria swore this movie was based on the book The Descent (1999) by Jeff Long, which is also about a descent into a cave (in the Himalayas). However Marshall did not list the book as a source and in fact has the writing credit for the movie. Victoria maintains that there are a lot of similarities.


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