Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Hot Club

There was an interesting dilemma faced by the Regulars Sunday. Watch the Red Sox-Yankees game at the HC or go to Moe's to watch this week's episode of the Sopranos? Patti even gave them a good suggestion: tape the show, watch the Red Sox-Yanks and then view the video before Monday's 10 PM Oakland start. They went to watch the Sopranos. Patti said that after food, some of the Regulars wouldn't see either the Sopranos or the game.

Patti also reminded me that Ginny Dunleavy, in last week's Hot Club section, was at the HC to celebrate Patti's birthday and 20th Hot Club anniversary. Patti's cake said Happy Annibirthsary.

Contraire and I were talking about A-Rod and the blonde stripper. Contraire said that when he went to Montreal all the married men wanted to go to the strip clubs while their wives shopped. I told him that I've never known a woman who thought it was OK for a guy to go to a strip club.

Mike Sears, who has the fine bar Lili Marlene's on Atwells Ave, just opened a restaurant called Joie Fuller's. It's on Westminster Street. Business is thriving so pick an off night like Sunday or Monday (they're closed Tuesdays). Good luck to Mike on his new effort.

Inside sources (well, Jesse) tell me that the Hot Club has received a permit for the long-delayed bathroom expansion. Saunas, showers and communal stalls will soon be introduced.

Well Pauly Walnuts never made it to that 3rd date. She cancelled out. So he was right about taking the Under. I asked if he won any money. No, everyone else took the Under too.

Bo was on the grill. He had to ask a customer if a hamburger roll was OK because they were out of buns. Bags said, "You didn't ask me. I'm fussy about my buns." Bo said, "That's what I heard."

Hooks had a sign someone left on his car windshield. We didn't see it so ORric asked if it said, "Can I have my pants back?"

ORric was talking about big players like Roger Clemens, Mo Vaughn and Lee Smith. I told him about the Sox '60's reliever John Wyatt, who was a large specimen and an excellent closer. Except one day his catcher Bob Tillman tried to nail a base stealer. Wyatt didn't duck and Tillman's throw hit him right in the forehead. Wyatt was never the same pitcher after that ala Bryce Florie and even Matt Clement.

Advice from The Silencer to Bags: Don't date young 20-year olds with powder blue dresses.

And to the noble soul who bought the 'left my wallet at home 'and gave a guy $20. The guy told him he was a chef and provided a phone #. Mr. Noble could have called it on his cell right there.


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