Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Hot Club

It was Teachers Night Out. All the area teachers were celebrating the last day of school and CC Rider was amongst them. CC joined the regulars, and they observed that her physical attributes had grown since her last visit. So Wise asked her an up front question: "Did you get a boob job?" CC laughed and said, "No. It happens every decade. I go up a size. Triple D's. They're still perky and they're real."

Some of 5 Angels' teacher friends were present. There was talk of whether 5 Angels uses hair color. The Wise Man said, "Oh yeah, he dips his hair." Added Bags, "He works for Sherwin-Williams part-time."

A cigarette boat started up and it sounded worse than when some bikers used to rev up before leaving the Hot Club lot. It was loud and obnoxious. The Jack of Fire said, "That's aggravating!" Jack railed against the cost of gas for such a boat. I told him that fast cigarette boats were often used to transport drugs. Then as the boat man and his galpal swung the boat around to leave, Puckhead yelled, I hope you run out of gas!" The female responded with a middle finger salute. FootJoy told me that about the same time the Warden had given the boat's occupants a thumbs-down sign. So was the boat woman's response to the Warden or to Puckhead? Happy boating! Don't run out of gas!

WEEI was doing a promotion along with 4 Patriots' cheerleaders. The cheerleaders were very pretty. There were two with raven hair, a brunette and a blonde. The cheerleaders sat at a table on the deck signing autographs. Flanking them were their bodyguards, Sean and Grant, providing them protection. A hard job but someone had to do it.

So Jack of Fire opined that only two of the cheerleaders were beautiful. When I told Bags of Jack's opinion, the Bag One said, "I only liked one." Wild Bill asked Bags, "Would you throw any of them out of bed?" Bags replied, "No. That’s a reality check!"

Mr. Contraire was holding court and trying to bust Wild Bill. Bill, of course, likes to tell jokes. So he told one and right after Wild Bill finished it, Contraire said to the Warden, "Will you listen to his jokes for me?"

Wild Bill and I were talking about having children. Bill said a friend of his told him, "If you have a boy you only have one prick to worry about. But if you have a girl, you have to worry about all the pricks."

A guy was celebrating his 53rd birthday. His name was Paul and he was a Red Sox fan. Paul said a friend of his is such a Sox fan that he named his kid Fenway Parker Powers.
Thursday (the 21st) seemed like a Friday. A Friday before Friday.

Contraire observed me socializing with different members of the crowd. He said to me. "You're like the Patriarch of this place."

With WEEI staff at the Club, The Lou was there too. He introduced me to Mike Lyons who now works for WEEI. Mike had a nice career doing sports for several years on Ch. 6. He finally got his big break and got a high profile job in Chicago (his hometown). But after a while, he moved back to this area because of his family. Mike has a son named Mickey (for Mantle), who isn't into baseball and two daughters who are sports nuts.

There were 3 women in white selling Heineken Lights. They had white fedoras, white trench coats and white heels. I called them the White Hat Mafia. They corrected me that they were detectives. Wild Bill impressed them so much that they gave him a free Heineken. They wouldn't do the same for me and one said to Bill, "You look like someone who would promote our beer. You're a rare breed." I quickly agreed. "Yes, he's a rare breed." As they left, Bill told them, " If you get bored, come back later."

The enterprising HC staff, well Sean I think, used the leftover Heineken ice sculpture for a novel purpose. Tipping it to a 45° angle and using an ice pick, Sean created an 'ice luge'. The luge was used for sliding drinks down the 'luge' into the welcoming mouths of the faithful. Shots of various liquors (even beer) were funneled to the waiting lips of the thirsty. Prudence does not permit me to mention the many partakers but I abstained.

A tall stranger observed me taking notes. He said, "That's some chicken scratching." I told him, "Yeah, no one knows what I'm writing."

Frank Sinatra's Strangers in the Night was playing on the jukebox. I said, "Either someone perverse or a Frank Sinatra fan played that." "Both" added FootJoy. Kiddingly I asked Grant, "Did you play that?" Said Grant, "Not with a gun to my head."

Contraire noticed the Warden's car in the lot and the Warden's dog sitting in the driver's seat. Contraire said to the Warden, "I'll bet he drives better than you. Does he have a license?" I said, "Yeah, a dog license." Contraire added, "He needs a collar." I said to Contraire, "We need a collar for you."

A woman with large breasts-a-siss walked by. Were they real or Memorex? Mr. D. said, "Mammarex."

Hooks said he was 'smooth' with a woman. The Warden said, "Smooth as a busted bottle."

Brian, the leprechaun bartender, asked Mr. D. and me what Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Pink Floyd have in common. Answer: "The last Big Hit was The Wall."


This movie takes up where 28 Days Later left off. However where Danny Boyle directed the first, he's only the producer here.* The director is Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who co-wrote the script with Rowan Joffe.

As sequels go, it isn't bad. A rage virus has spread and those affected have become hungry, fast-moving zombies. Hell, these zombies run after you like they're on meth amphetamine. And Speed Kills!

Robert Carlyle (Ravenous) is the only 'star' as Don, the father of two youngsters whose mother died in a zombie attack. They have been reunited after the US Army provides support and security for London after it has recovered from the infection. Or so they think. Ah, if there were just someone who was immune or who had an antidote.

Fresnadillo's film uses a frenetic, jerky camera style, which captures the panicky confusion and all-out assault but it also becomes quite distracting and irritating at times.

There are some amazing scenes of London where there are no people and no traffic, including on a bridge. Many of the shots bring a chill just for that deserted, post-nuclear like quality. A scene in an empty Wembley Stadium* also provides a certain creepiness.

Rose Byrne is good as an Army doctor named Scarlet and Jeremy Renner does well as Sgt. Doyle. The kids, Mackintosh Muggleton (Andy) and his sister Tammy (Imogen Poots), do a good job, too.

Rated R for strong violence and gore, language and some sexuality/nudity. It's 99 mins.

* According to IMDb, Danny Boyle directed some of the 2nd unit filming. And it is Milennium Stadium in Cardiff that doubles for the interior of Wembley Stadium.


It's been a while since I last saw Toots (Fred Hibbert) and the Maytals. It was circa mid-'80's at the Lupo's that was in the old Shepard's building.

This was only the second concert that I've attended at the 'new ' Lupo's, the old Strand Theatre. Rich Lupo (there was a sighting) has gone upscale with the place. There are chandeliers, banquettes, some tables and chairs and 3 bars. My brother Brad subbed for Victoria who had to cancel out at the last minute. The only other time I was at the new Lupo's was with Victoria for BB King.

Toots had the crowd with him right from the start, and security was kept busy 5 times as 3 guys and 2 women wanted to share the stage with Toots. Fred was in good voice and did almost all the songs I wanted to hear including Pressure Drop, Funky Kingston, Country Roads, Reggae Got Soul and Time Tough. The only song I didn't hear was Sweet & Dandy (from The Harder They Come). Toots came on at 10:55. Brad and I stayed until 12:20. Grill Man Josh of the Hot Club said Toots played until 1 AM. Great music.


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