Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Hot Club

There was a Dos Equis promotion and the two beer ladies wore cowboy hats, boots and jean skirts. One (XX) asked my group a trivia question for a free Dos Equis: When was the beer founded? My brother Brad, in town for my birthday, won with the closest guess - 1920. The answer was 1897. Brad won the Dos Equis beer.

Later the same woman (XX) was playing trivia with a different group. As luck would have it I was with them. She asked when Dos Equis was founded. I was first and said 1897. I won and XX gave me a free Dos Equis.

So celebrating my good fortune, I returned to the group with my brother Brad and Mr. D. As I was gleefully explaining how I had pilfered the Dos Equis, XX walked by and was none too happy when she overheard she had been hoodwinked. I commiserated with her, saying, "I'm sorry. I took advantage of you." XX responded "Guys do it to me all the time." So after that, every time XX passed by, one of us would shout "1897."

"In 1897", I said, "Dos Equis was one X." Mr. D. wondered how much to be with XX, the beer girl. I said that would be XXX.

Later XX asked who was depicted on her T-shirt. Chuck D Computer knew it was Montezuma and got a free T-shirt. We joked about Montezuma's Revenge and Chuck said, "Like beer through a Shriner."

It was Mr. D's 61st birthday (7/1) and mine also (7/5). He called us 'The Methuselah's'.

Chuck D, who has a budding movie career, told me he has a part in the movie 27 Dresses, filmed in Newport. Look for him as the groom in the LA slutty wedding scene.

Somehow the conversation turned to nuns. I asked Brad, Mr. D. and Mike Module if they had heard that priests could now date nuns. "As long as they don't get in the habit", I said.

It was the 4th of July. PhotoGenic, Beau and the other HC staffers wanted ribs. Beau asked "Is Wes' open?" Said PhotoGenic, "If he can make $2, he's open."

Someone mentioned wedding pictures and recalled that one studio didn't deliver a couple's wedding album until 4 years after their wedding. In the 5th year the couple got divorced.

Erica recalled that when she was pregnant she had a patron ask her if he could rub her belly. She said, "No, it's still attached to me." Erica said that when someone tried to get touchy with Britt, she told the guy, "No touching the animals."


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