Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Hot Club

Hooks told me it isn't 1 Slice. It's 8. One piece of cheese and one piece of roast beef each day. The Lovely Lisa said the 8th piece of cheese and roast beef are for a guest. 1 Slice.

Wild Willy apparently had the hiccups last week. I told him my favorite cure for hiccups. So instead of Wild Willy that should be Wild Bill Hiccup.

The Bear visited the Hot Club. Once in a while he gets out of his Cave. But he's had a cell phone for a while. I told him that I, the last of the great holdouts, had broken down and bought a cell phone. My daughter Cara is in college now in LA and Verizon users can talk to each other with no minutes charged. When I showed my cell to the Bear, he said, "I'm glad I'm sitting down. I'd have fallen over." I said that I had entered the Digital Age. Then I added, "the digital complex world".

The TV screen showed Devil Rays' Manager Joe Maddon. His black glasses reminded me and a couple others of Uncle Junior's. However Foot Joy disagreed. FJ thought he looked more like Don Calcavese in The Godfather.

Told Adam that I had seen the new version of Halloween and was disappointed. He said that if I liked action movies to check out Shoot'em Up.

A leftover from the Cisco Kid Fest - the guys were heading to have some fun on Ulysses' boat. Everyone was welcome but one little thing - they couldn't leave the dock. Seems Ulysses is selling the boat and didn't want anything to happen to it.

Overheard at the Hot Club: Guy from out of town says to woman friend: "You're the first person to make me feel like cheating on my wife."
Woman friend's response: "I don't know whether to be flattered or appalled."

Mr. D. recalled Portland and Pine and 10 and 2. It was $10 for the hooker and $2 for the room. I asked him how he would know about that. He said that they used to go down there but didn't do anything. Mike Module said, "You didn't partake." Mr. D.: "Not then."

The Lance just got back from Alaska. He said the men are big and the women too. Mr. D. said, "Half bear."

It was Fleet Feet Pete's birthday. He said it was his speed limit birthday - 55.


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