Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Hot Club

Wednesday Hooks said that I misquoted him. "I buy more than one slice of meat", he said Hooks added that he buys a pound of meat and it's ham, not roast beef. But it is one slice of cheese every day. One Slice. And no eighth piece for a guest. There are no guests.

Foot Joy also chimed in that I had misquoted him about Joe Maddon's glasses. They looked like those on Don Lucchese of The Godfather, not Don Calcavese.

Someone broke into Bags' place and stole his possessions. He howled about it happening when he was at the Hot Club on a Monday. He never goes to the Hot Club on Mondays. Wise suggested it was because Bags left open a window and told a crackhead he was going to the Hot Club. I think Wise was kidding. He said Bags lost all his money - $32.

Ran into old neighborhood presence Bob Brown who owned Brown's Linoleum with his brother Skip after their folks passed away. Bob told of going to the Annie Street Club and local Pawtucket legend Hank Soar, a MLB ump, telling sports stories (Soar was also a great football player for the NY Giants). Hank Soar umpired a Yankees game when the first four NY pitches were walloped for four hits. Casey Stengel came out to the mound and met the pitcher and Yogi Berra. Soar was hankering to find out what would be said. Of his young pitcher Stengel asked Berra, "What has he got?" Said Yogi, "I don’t know. I haven't caught anything yet."

Someone had asked me last week what the JD in JD Drew's name meant. I looked it up but asked the regulars first if they knew. No one did. It stands for David Jonathan. And no I don't know how that gets turned around from DJ to JD.

A guy at the bar wore a T-shirt for a tattoo place in LA. It read 'Love Kills Slowly'. I replied, 'Love Hurts'. A great song done by many - the Everly Brothers, Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris. I said I thought it was written by Boudleaux Bryant. I checked. Yup!

Grant's brother Glenn just came back from golfing on Martha's Vineyard. He was talking about some of the 'Old Money' on the island. He called them 'Crusty Cash'.

Mr. D. and I were talking to Grant at the HC door Friday. Alexander the Great yelled, "Grant gets all the quotes. He's an intellectual superstar". Later I asked Alex what that made him. He replied, "Grant's understudy."

A woman walked onto the deck with zebra stripe stiletto heels. I pointed her out to Citizen Caroline and observed, "She's going down". "No pun intended", said Caroline.


This is an interesting tale of Mayans in the 16th century dealing with death and destruction at the hands of a conquering force that is out to use them for sport, cheap labor, raping and sacrifice. The cast is a bunch of unknowns (to me). Rudy Youngblood is good as Jaguar Paw.

It follows one man and his family and how they deal with the horrors of warfare. It is a very brutal movie that bludgeons its victims and audience. Victoria asked me what I'd give it. I said "6 and a half". She gave it a '6'.
The film reminded me of an old Cornel Wilde movie The Naked Prey (1966) which Wilde also directed.
Mel Gibson (per IMDb) was once called 'Almost' as a kid. He didn't like it.


This movie is from the creative minds of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright who wrote Shaun of the Dead (2004). Wright directed both that and Hot Fuzz. Simon Pegg stars with buddy Nick Frost back from Shaun also.

The movie has it s moments but it takes a while to get going. Like an hour and a half. It's only the last 30 minutes when the sight gags and dialogue really take off. Up until then the movie is more whodunit than whiz-bang.

The movie has a great cast (Timothy Dalton and vets Bill Nighy, Ed Woodward, Jim Broadbent and Billie Whitelaw) and there is a lot of humorous wordplay and inside stuff (probably more obvious if you're a Brit). I especially liked the use of music (Dire Straits and Crazy Arthur Brown) for effect.

This movie isn't as good as its predecessor but is worth a look and keeps you interested until the final reel when the movie really does become Hot Fuzz.

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