Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Hot Club

Mike Module asked me if I was rooting for the Yankees to beat Cleveland so they could face the Red Sox. My response: "Oh, no, not me. I'd rather have them lose. If they aren't good enough to get there, that's fine with me."

It was the Angels' 9th inning and Josh Beckett gave up a 2-out hit to Vlad Guerrero. Bob Brown's voice boomed out: "Pull the bum!"

Speaking of Bob, he admitted that the Ford he owned as a kid (see E-Mail) was bought with his blueberry money. $500 for the car and $75 for insurance. Someone ratted him about using the blueberry money. Bob says they did a forensic audit on the blueberry money.

Mr. D. won (actually co-won) D Train's NFL pool a couple weeks back. Congrats Mr. D.

Sox fan Theda Bara made a rare appearance. I asked her where she's been. Theda Bara said she went to the Hot Club to find a guy. She found a guy but not at the Hot Club. Now she doesn’t have to hang around the HC.

I was talking to Grant about Michael Corrente making horror movies based on ideas from Rhode Islanders. I said that I had an idea about a guy who killed people driving while talking on cell phones. Grant said Gallagher, the comedian, had the right idea. Shoot suction cups at bad drivers and let the police pull over the cars that were covered.

A woman walked by with a T-shirt that read: "The Joy that Bling can Bring."

Some young women strolled in. I observed to Bags, "The Utes of America." Added Bags, "And it's wasted on the youth."

Someone mentioned when I used to have my multi-media parties. I'd have 3 or 4 TV sets on with the sound off. Each screen showed a different sporting event. And music was playing on the sound system. I told Citizen Caroline that back then I only had 'guy food' for those parties - potato chips and peanuts. That changed when I got a girlfriend and found out that women require real food.

A woman in heels walked down the deck and got her heel caught in a crack. She tripped, lunged forward but righted herself before falling. I said, "That's what I call a major flail."

And the Friends of Mike Solomon are having a fete for him at the Hi Hat on Tuesday October 16 from 6-8 PM.


Victoria and I got to sample the fare at Mike Sears' new restaurant, Loie Fuller (1455 Westminster St., Prov. - 273-4375). Mike owns Lili Marlene's a fine bar on the Hill (422 Atwells) near Holy Ghost Church. Mike used to work at Lupo's, the Met and the Hot Club. If our visit is any measure, Mike has a winner on his hands with his new eatery.

Loie Fuller's is only identified by the LF on the door so you need to know the address. And it's the Westminster on the other side of the highway (i.e. not in downtown). We had heard that Loie Fuller's has been doing booming business so we opted to go on a Sunday night not too long after it opened at 5.

The first thing you notice is the handsome décor which has murals inside of carved wood that is reminiscent (for me) of Lord of the Rings (the Hobbit village) and the art work of Vaughn Bode. The colors combine to create a cozy atmosphere.

Victoria had a salad (Arugala) and trout, which was excellent. I had a sirloin that was done to perfection (medium rare). They even had Pilsner Urquell. It was a fine dining experience in a wonderful new setting. My compliments to Mike Sears and his chef. Victoria and I plan on a return trip in the near future. Oh and Victoria loved the kale.


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