Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Hot Club

Congratulations to Sandy whose last day at the Hot Club was Friday, October 12. Sandy is the Grande Dame of Bartenders at the Hot Club having worked there since 1985. The Hot Club opened in 1983. Sandy finished her studies at CCRI and is now a RN. We salute Sandy and wish her good luck in her new enterprise as a nurse. And it was thoughtful of Britt to get a chocolate cake for Sandy's last shift.

So who is the new Grande Dame of the Hot Club? Is it Britt or is it Patti? Patti - by one year. All salute the new Grande Dame: Patti.

There was a picture of Mike Solomon on the column next to the inside bar. It was from a Providence City Council meeting. Michael is making a point and the caption reads: "Don't make me put some South in your Mouth." What culprit put up the photo and funny caption? Inquiring minds want to know.

The Jack of Fire helped me pass out the Sportzine at the HC. However Jack wanted .05ยข a copy for distributing it. The Zine is not a moneymaker.

Good luck also goes out to Grant who graced the door at the Hot Club for some good time but who is moving on. We wish Grant the best in whatever endeavors he pursues. Grant told me that the suction cups you shoot at dumb drivers have flags that say 'Stupid'. The cops pull over cars covered with the cups - for stupid behavior.

Grant recalled a character from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show - Kirby Durwood. In real life there was a Durwood Kirby (who was Gary Moore's announcer/sidekick). Durwood got his dander up and sued Jay Ward. Ward and gang loved the free publicity.

And get well wishes go out to Contraire who hurt himself in a fall from a ladder. It hasn't seemed like the old Hot Club without him. It also has been a lot quieter. Chin don, Mike.

Overheard at the Hot Club: Woman about man who has a way with women: "I want to see him work his magic." The Man: "Call me David Copperfield."

Red Sox fans and Yankee fans should know that there's a picture out there of Mr. D. wearing a Red Sox hat and a Cleveland Indians jersey. We can thank Ohoian Ken Arnold for it. Go to: http://dtrain2003.football.sportsline.com/ . Mr. D. was a good sport about it.

Breaking News - Mr. D. won D Train's NFL Pool again (with 2 others) and is in 1st place.

Does Jesse have operatic talents? Word is that he does.


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