Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Hot Club

It was Wednesday and the first night of the World Series. All the Red Sox fans were jockeying for position, getting seats near the TV. The Warden waltzed in singing, "Let's Go Rockies".

5 Angels said to me "The warden doesn’t know one player on the Rockies". So I asked the Warden. He knew two - Matt Holliday and Todd Helton. 5 Angels thought that Holliday played for Toronto.

5 Angels also wondered if any World Series game had been called before 9 innings due to rain. Foot Joy and I thought that there must have been some in the history of the game.

Later the Warden asked the Red Sox crowd: "Is Mookie here? Mookie Wilson. Bill? Bill Buckner. Is he here?" I said, "No, the ghosts are gone."

When things quieted during the game, the Warden could be heard: "Pizza for Petrocelli."

The Warden said, "Lugo is the only Italian on their team. He owns a pizza place on Mineral Spring Avenue. Julio's. Julio Lugo's."

Beau was kind enough to bring in meatballs, sausage and pepperoni that he made for Game #1. The Warden said, "Meatballs here. Balls here. Rockies. Rockies' balls." I added, "Rocky Mountain Oysters."

Broc told me that Augie started at the Hot Club before Marty. Then Broc admitted that he, Sandy and Augie all started within months of each other. Patti also thought Augie had been at the HC longer.

Mike Module, Mr. D. and I were talking with Citizen Caroline. Caroline said that sleeping on your back is best. Mike Module and I thought it was better to sleep on your side. Mr. D. put his arm around Caroline and opined, "This is the way I used to sleep." (Figuratively).

We were also talking about Road Rage and all the bad RI drivers. Mike Module said driving brings out the worst in people, who are in their own cocoon, their own world. They don't like it when their space is invaded. Mr. D. thought it was drinking that brought out the worst in people.

A guy walked by with a T-shirt that read 'Support Organic Farmers'.


Hey you know what you should do? Go out for Halloween and see a horror movie. However if you can't, here are 10 movies with moments of horror to please most fans.

In no particular order:

House of 1000 Corpses - This is Rob Zombie's best movie and far better than his current Halloween. There are things here that even creep me out. And that's saying a lot.

Feast - Clu Gulager's son John did this and we get the benefit of Clu as a grizzled bartender. People of all ilk, caught in a bar, being assaulted by god knows what beasties. Henry Rollins stands out, and the movie is fun. The intros to the characters are great.

The Return of the Living Dead - One of my favorite zombie movies and it stars Clu Gulager. Also here are James Karen and Don Calfa (the killer in Weekend at Bernie's).
Zombies who talk - "Brains. Need brains."

Ravenous - Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle chew up the screen and each other in one of the bloodiest westerns ever.

Dog Soldiers - One of my favorite low budget gems. I got this for $4.99 at Borders. Soldiers are barricaded in a farmhouse, being attacked by werewolves. They bite back.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) - This recent remake is almost as good as the original. Jessica Biel is excellent as is R. Lee Ermey.

Frankenhooker - Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case) grabbed James Lorinz, who stole the screen in Street Trash, and gave him a lab and a power drill. The rest is history. This is mostly comedy but the opening qualifies. A fine Psychotronic film.

Aliens - Not sure how many times I've seen this. It's as good as the original. James Cameron has fun with lots of creatures and Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) kicking alien ass.

Carrie - Still Brian DePalma's best movie (Victoria likes Dressed to Kill). It benefits from the cast, especially Sissy Spacek. Don't fool with Mother Nature - Never mind that, don't fool with Carrie.

Dead Alive - This is Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) at his gory best. Beware the Sumatran rat monkey. And start up the lawn mower.


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