Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Hot Club

We were talking about Political Correctness. Nicole said that instead of telling children to sit cross-legged Indian-style, teachers now tell the kids: "Criss-cross, apple sauce."

Contraire saw Beau talking with Lauren. Said Contraire of Beau, "He's a womanizer. Whatever he has, I don't." Beau and I were stunned at Contraire admitting this. And as soon as he said it, Contraire followed with "I take it back."

Nice to see Neil Greenfeld and Mary Bush in the Hot Club last Wednesday. Neil was celebrating his 50th birthday. Mary was celebrating her new kitchen - a result of Neil's carpentry handiwork. Congratulations to both.

First Chrissie started doing movies and now Avery of the HC has been getting the klieg light treatment. Seems she was at URI for a role as an extra in a new movie The Clique. It's by the same people that did Mean Girls. A budding star in our midst - Avery.

Contraire was talking to a guy who only knew him by his first name. So the guy asked Contraire what his last name is. Said Contraire, "I don't even remember my last name." And he never did give the guy his last name.

Kevin On Fire said he had a co-worker friend who would talk about how poor his family was. The co-worker said that as a kid his parents couldn't afford mittens for him. So he went to school with a hot potato and then had it for lunch.

A patron was feeling no pain and called for a taxi to take him home. Contraire observed, "He's not drunk. He's just being himself."

Foot Joy told me that with Schilling hurt, the Red Sox are having tryouts for pitchers. FJ says that Debbie Clemens' fastball is up to 90.

Eric wanted me to let everyone know that Miriam Hospital and the American Heart Association are sponsoring a 7-mile walk on May 3. The Hot Club will have a team - Jen and Britt I hear. All walkers are welcome and there will be a sign up sheet at the HC.

5 Angels said that he heard Hooks has a date Saturday - weather permitting.

Two women came in on a Wednesday night and were surprised that the HC didn't take credit cards. So they went to the HC's ATM, but no money in it. They were ready to leave when a couple guys bought them drinks. Then a couple different guys bought them more.


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