Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Hot Club

We were talking about Dustin Hoffman and The Graduate. I told Pucky that Chuck Doherty had e-mailed me that Dustin was about 6 years younger than Anne Bancroft who played Mrs. Robinson, his girlfriend's mother. Pucky didn't believe it. He said that Hoffman had to be in his 20's when the movie was made.

Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia states that Dustin Hoffman's DOB is 8/8/37. Anne Bancroft (Anna Maria Louisa Italiano) was born 9/17/31. The Graduate was released in 1967. So as of their birthdays in 1967, Dustin was 30 and Anne 36.

Pucky also wondered what happened to Katherine Ross, noting she didn't make any big movies after that. I mentioned Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. A check of Maltin shows that Ross was also in Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here and The Stepford Wives. After Ross married Sam Elliott, she was in several westerns with him.

So Pucky called to say that he read in Entertainment Weekly that Dustin Hoffman saved $4000 from making The Graduate, but when it finished filming he was on unemployment making $55 a week. Then the movie came out and all that changed.

Buff Steve was talking about dancers or entertainers. I asked if he meant strippers. Well yes. Buff Steve calls them 'Little Sisters of the Ladies of the Night'.

Puckhead told us that when he was younger he'd meet a girl at the movies to save money.

With no Pilsner Urquell and no Heineken at the Hot Club, my choice of beer became Stella Artois. I thought it was an American beer under a European sounding name. Patti said she thought it was Belgian. She checked - yup it's Belgian. Patti knows her stuff.

Contraire was telling Beau about being in Sportzine. Contraire was reading about saying that Beau was a womanizer and whatever Beau had, Contraire didn't. And then Contraire took it back. Beau laughed at the recollection and told me "You got it Dead On." Later Contraire said I misquoted him 3 times in that week's Sportzine.

Contraire was surprised that I remembered Chrissie who left the HC and was making movies in New Mexico. I told him she had that Egyptian look and was quite memorable.

Ex-bartender Kate of Barrington was in the house. Asked her about Chrissie and her film career in Colorado. Kate didn't think she was making movies and said Chrissie was working in a supermarket. Mr. D. said, "Bag lady. She's playing a bag lady."

A movie named Snatch was playing on the HC DVD. Beau highly recommended it.


Spiral is an excellent little movie that generates its edge from the dynamics of the main characters. In this case, that would be Joel David Moore and Amber Tamblyn (Russ' dgtr)

Not only does Moore star in the film, but he co-wrote the script, helped produce it (so some of is money is on the line) and co-directed it with Adam Green. A tour de force.

Moore plays Mason, a nebbish who is painfully shy around everyone, but especially women. Into his life comes Amber (Amber Tamblyn) who is light to his dark, bloom to his gloom, outgoing to his repressed, lively to his doom ridden. It makes for an interesting match.

Mason likes to sketch women. It is his one tie to reality and a tenuous one at that. Mason has his secrets. Mason has his rules. The playing out of this character study is involving and fascinating.

Bloody-disgusting.com gave this a 4 (out of 5) and it is well deserved. Moore captures the very essence of a troubled, tortured soul who exists in the shadows and who is happiest walking in the rain without an umbrella.

Zachary Levi plays Mason's boss and is almost as strong a screen presence as Moore.
Recently I saw Moore in Hatchet. He was very good in it, probably the best thing about the film. I didn't even bother reviewing Hatchet because it wasn't very good.

The movie is 91 minutes long and is PG-13.


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