Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Hot Club

The Wise Man came up to me and asked "Which is better: sex or baseball?" Without hesitation I said "Sex". Easy Ed felt the same way. Wise was surprised. Guess he likes baseball a lot.

Frequent Flyer asked how may baseball games there were. "162", we said. FF responded "There are more baseball games than I have sex."

Overheard at the Hot Club: "He's in the zone. Leave him alone."
And in answer to the last time a woman had seen a man, the woman replied, "When cars were still cold."

Question - Who is Negative Ned?

Reports of a Falcon sighting have reached me. Apparently he swoops in to the Food Court at Warwick Mall and holds court there. Lately The Falcon has been terrorizing the citizenry with his gloom and doom message that all the banks are going out of business.

Julie, Bucky and I were talking about men and their worries of losing hair. I said a lot of women actually like guys that are bald. Yet many men pay scads of money for hair plugs. Bucky said, "Men buy hair. Women get tits."

Britt all of a sudden started chanting "The semicolon doesn't get respect."

Oh that benefit walk (Miriam Hosp. and American Heart Assoc.) that Eric mentioned is not 7 miles. It is 5 miles or less. Depending on the direction.

Mr. D. and I were complimenting Jen Turner. Mr. D. told Jen she was smart, good-looking and caring. I said she was part of what was good about the Hot Club experience. Jen said we were making her blush. Mr. D. swore he could see Jen blushing.

Contraire was talking about profiling. Frequent Flyer overheard him and said, "What's wrong with profiling?" Replied Contraire, "Unless you're being profiled."

Foot Joy and I were talking about Detroit taking Darko Milicic instead of Carmelo Anthony in the NBA draft a couple years back. Imagine what kind of dynasty the Pistons would be with Carmelo. So Foot Joy and I talked about bad #1 draft picks. FJ recalled Joe Barry Carroll or as FJ called him 'Joe Barely Cares'

There was talk of a celebrity chef. Wise said, "I think he lets his boys wander." Added Bags, "A pickle smoocher".


Word reached me that the Cisco Kid said I should see this flick. So Victoria and I watched it and found it to be good but not great. Victoria thought it had the makings of a very good movie but that they just didn't pull it off. I have to agree.

Ben Affleck did a very credible job of directing the cast, including his brother Casey, who has the plum role as private investigator Patrick Kenzie. The problem is that Casey's vocal quality is distracting and some of his lines were unintelligible.

The movie is based on a Dennis Lehane book. The ending is a bit much. The idea that what is presented would occur without anyone noticing is beyond belief.

Ed Harris is his usual simmering then boiling and finally erupting self. Harris is so good that he should win an award every time. His messenger in Cronenberg's History of Violence was chilling.

Victoria thought the woman who plays Casey Affleck's companion Angie Gennaro (Michelle Monaghan) looked like Michael Jackson. I had trouble removing that thought from my head during the movie. The actress was good but there wasn't a strong rapport between her and Affleck.

This is a movie worth seeing. It actually was up for a Best Picture Oscar. That's saying something about the quality of movies this past year.

IMDb says: the movie is Ben Affleck's directorial debut. Affleck directed two other movies but neither has made it to the Big Screen. IMDb gave it an 8 out of 10.


Had been looking forward to this movie as The Germ had given it her Seal of Approval. That would be a barking seal for me. This is a decent movie, but there is absolutely no chemistry between Josh Hartnett and his estranged wife played by Melissa George. Other than looking pretty while sporting some dirt smudges, this actress brings little to her role.

There is no explanation from whence the vampires come. They seem to have been around for a while, so wouldn't there have been 'legends' or at least rumors of massive deaths in the past. Like a whole town.

Enjoyed the cheesy fake language used by the vampires, even if some of the subtitles were laughable. The Head Vampire is pretty good and has the menacing look down. However the ability of the survivors to skirt danger (until the movie's 1:13 is almost up) strains disbelief.

The movie is set up for sequels. However I didn't find it as good as Dog Soldiers (a modern day werewolf tale) or the recent Feast.

IMDb says: in Barrow, Alaska (the setting), the sun doesn’t come above the horizon for 67 days, but it still gets light between noon and 4 PM. And the airport may close for storms but never for 30 days straight.

Director David Slade, who has directed mostly music videos did Hard Candy (2006), a nasty little movie about a 14-year old who meets a 30 something predator. Juno's Ellen Page played the 14-year old.

The screenplay is by Steve Niles and Stuart Beattie and is based on Niles' comic book.

Sam Raimi backed out of directing the film and instead produced it.

Melissa George has also been in Amityville Horror (2005) and Turistas. She is in HBO's In Treatment.


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