Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Hot Club

The Caustic Cutie visited Sunday and Contraire was showing her a lampshade he bought. She asked him "Did you pay for this?" He acted offended. Then Contraire wanted CC's opinion about the color of the lampshade (burgundy and gold). CC asked, "Are you living in this space?" Contraire replied, "You ask too many questions. I don't like your line of questioning."

My thanks to regulars the Wise Man, Bags, Foot Joy, and the Moe, as well as Mike Module, Frequent Flyer, Buffalo Steve, and Fleet Feet Pete, and of course Mr. D. for making my St, Pat's party.

According to one of the riders, Bags drove Wise, Moe and Foot Joy to my party. An insider told me that when Bags made the left-hand turn at Newport and Armistice, he cut it so sharp that he was on the wrong side of the divider/barrier. Wise said, "What do you think you're driving in Bermuda?"

CC Rider was talking about our old friend ME, who returned to her hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin after her husband died. CC used to take ME to the Hot Club to get her out of the house. At a Waterfront Festival at the HC, ME met someone who went with her to Wisconsin. Kevin on Fire overheard the conversation and said he knew the chap. Only in Rhode Island - one degree of separation.

Contraire to CC on me writing the Hot Club section: "He has his own perception of what people say."

Overheard at the Hot Club: "She heads up a group of lesbian carpenters. They don't use nails. Everything is tongue and groove."

Mr. D. was kidding Citizen Caroline about her long legs. He pointed to her left leg and said, "That's Christmas and the other leg is New Year's. I want to come between the holidays."

5 Angels told us about some new technology that allows your thoughts to be recorded. It is triggered by the brain and reads your thoughts. The Caustic Cutie wondered whether a different part of the body might be involved. She called it "a new treatment for ED".

Contraire suggested that 5 Angels was a case study. "He gets strapped down once a week", said Contraire.


Beau of the Hot Club had recommended this movie to me and I wasn't disappointed. Snatch is directed by Guy Ritchie (Mr. Madonna) who did the well-received Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) just before this film.

It has an all-start cast with Benicio Del Toro, Brad Pitt, Dennis Farina, and Jason Statham. Like any British film, it takes 20-30 minutes to start hearing the words through the accents. And in this movie, everyone has an accent, including Del Toro and Pitt who plays a 'pikey', an Irish gypsy type.

The movie starts fast and furious and ends the same way. A check of Leonard Maltin shows that he liked Snatch even better than Lock, Stock.

IMDb says that Guy Ritchie got back at critics who complained about not understanding the accents in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels by creating the Brad Pitt character Mickey O'Neil who is a 'pikey' (Irish gypsy) and who can't be understood by most of the other characters.

Ritchie paid $1 million US to use Madonna's song Lucky Star in the film.

The 'f' word is used 153 times in the movie.

The dog Bow bit actor Lennie James in the crotch and was replaced.


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