Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Hot Club

Fleet Feet Pete was wearing a T-shirt that read 'Free range Human'.

Last week I quoted Contraire as calling Beau and Francis his 'cash cows'. Well it was Contraire that was giving milk last week, as he never won a Hi-Lo-Jack game all night. Beau and Fran were chortling about Contraire not throwing his trump Ace on the first trick of Fran's 2 bid as the Jack and deuce came out right away. Fran made his bid.

After Beau beat Contraire twice, Fran said, "If Beau is Contraire's cash cow then Contraire is Beau's bitch."

We were talking about how Jason Giambi admitted to wearing a gold thong when he wants to get out of a slump. The article I read said that his Yankee teammates do so too. I told Foot Joy that the way it was worded, it sounded like his Yankee teammates also wore Giambi's thong.

Someone mentioned all the money that Paul McCartney's ex got in their divorce. One pundit said, "It was love!" Broc added, "Yeah, love of money."

ORRic walked over and I asked him "Are you behaving?" He said, "No but I never get caught."

Flash - Jen Turner is engaged. Our best wishes to her and her lucky companion.

And congrats to the Lovely Lisa and Wild Bill who got hitched in Harwichport Memorial Day weekend.

Citizen Caroline overheard a guy extolling the merits of the Hot Club to his buddy. The guy said, "If you're desperate and dateless, you come here."

Adam informed me that he liked the trailer to Rambo but hasn't actually seen the movie. So it's just Amanda who spoke highly of Rambo. Amanda said that Sly Stallone doesn't have much dialogue in Rambo. I told her "That's good!"

Fran's hotdog was burnt. Contraire said "Just like him."

The Herbster told me he wants to see more sex and less sports in Sportzine.

About which HC male regular did Beau say this? - "He hasn't seen a vagina since he slipped out of one."


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