Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Hot Club

Contraire wants to get rid of the ‘deadbeats’. Who are the ‘deadbeats’? Why the regulars, of course. But isn’t Contraire one of the regulars? So he wants to get rid of himself.

Mountain of Love was playing on the jukebox. 5 Angels only knew the Johnny Rivers’ version. I pointed out that it was originally done by Harold Dorman, who reached #21 with it in 1960. Johnny Rivers (born John Ramistella) took it to #9 in 1964.

We were talking about the new western Appaloosa, so classic western movies came up. Eric mentioned Shane and Red River. I recalled The Magnificent Seven. Marty liked Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The Skipper brought up The Searchers. The conversation ended when Three Amigos and Blazing Saddles were mentioned.

The Skipper also liked The Cowboys and noted that it’s the only John Wayne movie in which he dies. I pointed out that John Wayne also gets killed in The Fightin’ Seabees, so it’s the only western in which he dies.

The Silencer had some wasabi peas which were spicy hot. She suggested that we not rub our eyes after eating them. Jokin’ Joe added “Don’t scratch your nuts.” To which Wise added, “Flame on.”

A man and a woman came in together and engaged in a bantering back and forth about whether he was date material for her. A few regulars offered support for the guy, one suggesting that the Everyday Joe was ‘a diamond in the rough’. Said the woman: “He needs more cutting.”

A woman wore a black patent leather raincoat and had a black patent leather bag. The Silencer observed that she was missing black patent leather shoes.

Contraire came in with his nephew who revealed that Contraire is his godfather. Foot Joy said, “His parents didn’t really care about him!” Wise repeated FJ’s line to the nephew who said, “No, they didn’t.” He agreed!

Contraire said he wouldn’t take a girl to Latitudes where 5 Angels plays. Pucky said, “Contraire doesn’t have a girl to take to Latitudes.” Contraire said “I wouldn’t take a horse there.”

Sunday night Soup to Nuts walked over and asked me if Manny hit his homerun off of Derek Lowe. I told him that would be hard as they’re both on the same team.


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