Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Hot Club

K Man O’Fire says he could call his own cell phone and leave the message “I found a hot chick with a nice ass at the Hot Club.” Chuck D jibed, “Your phone would call you back and say “No you didn’t’.”

Citizen Caroline was complaining about her foot hurting her. She’s a runner. So Fleet Feet Pete asked her if she’d seen a doctor. Caroline said no, that it would interfere with her running. Said Pete, “Sounds like a runner.”

The soup sign fell over. “A Sign Fall episode”, said the Wise Man.

November 9th there’ll be a tribute for Thom Enright at the Hi Hat Club from 3-11. According to Fleet Feet Pete, Beaver Brown, Roomful of Blues, Duke Robillard and other great bands will raise money for Enright who is seriously ill. $20 cover to get in.

Jokin’ Joe said that the bulge in the back of a man’s pants is more important than the bulge in front.

Told Foot Joy about the RIC 40 year reunion that I had organized. FJ said when his father went to his 55th high school reunion, they asked him how the other people looked. FJ’s Dad said, “I looked better than any of them except one person and she had 3 face lifts.”

The Silencer said that at her reunion the men didn’t fare as well as the women. They were bald and fat. The women were a little chubby but that was because they all had children.

The Wise Man wants to note that the Silencer wears glasses.

Contraire had a birthday last week and we hear he’s around the old speed limit. Pucky calls Mr. Contraire Mr. Annoyance.

We were talking about someone going for a job interview at WBRU. Some of us didn’t realize that Brown University no longer owns WBRU. This according to Deep Source (he wears glasses and a hat).

Foot Joy noted (before IT’s bout with medicine) that it must have killed Larry Bird to have Isiah Thomas replace him.


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