Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Hot Club



575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

Monday (May 11) is Patti’s 22nd anniversary working at the Hot Club. It is also her birthday. She’s not telling me which one though. Happy Birthday and congratulations to Patti. Salute the Grande Dame (GD) of the Hot Club! Patti took over from Sandy as the GD of the HC.

Jokin’ Joe told us about a guy who went to a doctor because of a strange condition – the guy’s penis had turned orange. Doc asked him what he did with his spare time. The guy said he had just got divorced so he spent a lot of time watching porn movies and eating cheese doodles.

The Wizard said that if you call 1-800-555-8355, it’s a free number where you can get stock quotes, sports scores, etc. How do they make their money? He doesn’t know. However he’s been using it for years.

I saw a man bring drinks to his buddy’s table. Then the drink bearer gave his buddy the change back from the drinks. It made me think of the expression “I’ll fly, if you buy.” I told Mr. D. that you don’t hear that saying much anymore.

A custom made suit in an off-the-rack world. What does it mean? Ask Alexander the Grate. He said it. I think it comes from a M*A*S*H episode.

So I asked Citizen Caroline if she wanted a drink and she said “No”. So I asked “How about some punch?” and kiddingly showed her my fist. Citizen Caroline said, “How about a knuckle sandwich?” I showed her both my fists and told her what my Grandpa, Jim Cullen, used to say, showing his left fist and then his right, “Do you want 6 weeks in the hospital or sudden death?”

Foot Joy was talking about broadcaster Bob Starr, who when talking about the baseball player John Jaha said that if he played in the winter league, Jaha would be Juan HaHa.

Foot Joy also pointed out that Bob Montgomery, who didn’t make a lot of on-air gaffes, once called Kirby Puckett, Cubby Pirkett. From then on he was Cubby Pirkett to FJ.

Mike Module’s sister Liz once worked at the front desk of the downtown Marriott (Orms St.). Johnny Cash came in to register. She said he was very cordial and asked her if she wanted tickets to his show. So Liz got to see Johnny Cash at the Warwick Tent. Liz said that Henry Winkler, the Fonz, was just the opposite. Full of himself. A pain in the ass.


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