Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Hot Club



575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

In Game 4 of the Yankees- Red Sox 2004 AL championship, Bags left the Hot Club when Mariano Rivera came in for the 9th inning. The only ones who stayed at the Hot Club were Wise and Foot Joy. “Foot Joy to keep me company”, Wise said. “To keep you awake,” said Bags.

There was a Scott McKay sighting at the Hot Club. Scott retired last fall from the Providence Journal and is working the political round table for WRI, the public radio station. Hooks called the current Providence Journal ‘The Pamphlet’.

Wise and Bags thought that Jason Bay became a US citizen for tax purposes. Taxes are cheaper in the US than they are in Canada.

I was talking about seeing ‘ticky tacky little boxes’ (condos) while taking a ride into Water Place Park on Tom McGinn’s boat. Pete Seeger once did a song about ticky tacky little boxes (cookie cutter houses). Patti pointed out that Pete Seeger’s song is the theme music of the TV show Weeds.

Big Papi hit a homerun to put the Red Sox ahead 4-1. The blast went into the RF bullpen. Someone started up the cry, “Big Papi! Big Papi! Where’s Foot Joy? Where’s Foot Joy?”

Jack of Fire calls for an inside fast ball ‘so Cust can’t extend his arms’. So Papelbon throws an inside fastball to strike out Jack Cust, and the Sox win the rubber game against the A’s. “Manager of the Year! I should be Manager of the Year!” said the Jack of Fire.

Citizen Caroline’s fashion tips: “Women should not go commando with white shorts!” Caroline objected to women not wearing anything under their white shorts. It’s a little too obvious. The dead giveaway per Caroline – their asses shake. There’s nothing to hold them in.

Buffalo Steve revealed to me that Connie Mack once played for the Buffalo Bisons, who recently visited McCoy Stadium. I knew that Connie (Cornelius) Mack’s name was shortened from McGillicuddy.

Recently I was at McCoy Stadium for a PawSox game and Francis’ friend Louise was reading Sportzine. She remarked on the item that Brittan Bates had just gotten married. Seems that Louise (Smeraldo) had worked with Brittan at the Donley Center. So she learned about Brittan Bates’ nuptials from reading Sportzine. The power of the Zine!


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