Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Hot Club



575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

The first member of the family Mr. D. and I met at the Hot Club was Bernard, who worked the grill. Then after Bernard left, we met his brother Obasi, who also stoked the coals. When Obasi got an IT job and began studies at Brown, we met his sister Maye, who also did a stint grilling and then bartending before leaving to direct a movie. Most recently we have been well served at the hearth by Maye’s sister Mary. They are all bright and articulate people. Last week their mother, Dr. Celeste Sullivan, age 54, was struck and killed by a bus in New Bedford. Our sincere condolences to them and their families. This writer did not know Dr. Sullivan, but I did get to meet her children. They are a great testament to their mom. Her memory will live on with them and through them.

Frankie Lee’s band Foreverly Brothers recently played a 40th wedding anniversary celebration for Trinity Rep mainstay Richard Jenkins and his wife. Imagine that – an actor married 40 years.

I was talking about the fight in the South Korean Parliament in which men were fighting with men and women were even battling each other. Mr. D. said that in the English Parliament, they have to be two sword lengths apart.

Last week there was a Cisco Kid Fest at the Hot Club. I told the Cisco Kid that he always brings something to the experience. Cisco said “Usually drunkenness.” I meant experiences like Cisco playing Lady GaGa’s Poker Face.

Cisco went to California back in 1976 despite just passing a state test for a job with the Department of Unemployment. However the Proc invited Cisco to go cross country with him (in a yellow VW, ‘the Lemon’). “Take a ride”, said Proc.

We were talking about the age of Stevie Winwood. I noted that he was about 17 (actually 15 after a Google check) when he was in the Spencer Davis Group. Cisco said “1966.” How did Cisco know when it was? Said Cisco, “I have an abacus in my head.”

My thanks to Eric Gustafson, the Lovely Lisa and Patti for their assistance last week helping a member of the Cisco Kid Fest who wasn’t feeling well.

I thought that Eric was a percussionist. Chuck D. pointed out that he is a perfusionist. Mike Module said, “He maintains the rhythm.”

The Consigliere told me that he has a friend that owns car washes. The friend told the Consigliere that it has rained 29 out of the last 40 days. The car wash guy would know.

Jen Riley told me that Desi gave birth to a baby girl. The child’s name is Delilah.


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