Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Hot Club



575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

The Warden thinks they should turn the Hot Club into a strip joint. Then they could call it the Hot Strip Club. Mr. D. reminded me that we once were considering doing a calendar showing the HC bartenders. It was to be called Women of the Hot Club.

Chuck D-isms: “What goes into 13 twice? – Roman Polanski.” Also “Polanski is the 5- foot Pole that you never want to touch anything with.”

HC Scoop: Adam revealed that the Hot Club will begin taking credit cards in @ 10 days.

Contraire says he’s loaning the HC money for 5% interest. He says he’s into a new racket – lending money. The Warden said Contraire was having a Beavis and Butthead moment.

The Warden revisited the “A 2 at 10 is a 10 at 2” manly musing. This is the line that got me banished from passing out Sportzine in my workplace. The Warden said “Do you know what’s worse than a 2 at 10? A 2 at 2.” Rim shot, please.

I gave a copy of Sportzine to Contraire and said “Here’s some reading material.” Contraire replied, “I can always use it for something else.”

Mr. D. recalled that he had suggested I put Sportzine on toilet paper. Or at least the Hot Club section.

We were talking about Ted Kennedy and Foot Joy said he was reading Ted’s memoirs. Mr. D. wanted to know what Ted said about Chappaquiddick. Foot Joy said that was one subject about which there wasn’t enough information. Recalling Chappaquiddick, Mr. D. observed, “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Eben has his own list of songs on the jukebox – EB Dude. Eben has a list with the longest songs available on the juke box – more bang for your buck. Traffic’s Low Spark of High Heel Boys is on that list. I suggested King Crimson’s In The Court of the Crimson King.

The Ornery A-Hole Cook objected to 2012 when I brought it up. “Roland Emmerich”, he snorted. Didn’t he do Independence Day? Yeah. Ornery liked it. Jackie said she did too.

The Herbster is looking for people to start a pinochle club. Said the Herbivore, “No idiots may apply.” And Mike Module thinks that euchre is similar to hi-lo-jack.

Overheard at the Hot Club (comparison of two women by another): “Well, this one’s more subdued in her lunacy.”


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