Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Hot Club



575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

Best wishes to Britt who has a birthday this week. You look mah-velous dollink!

I mentioned that Victoria and I like Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. The Warden said he’s waiting for Anthony Bourdain’s visit to Wes’ Rib House.

Elizabeth, Mike Module’s sister, and hubby Tom went to Ireland. Liz said that they found that if you sought out Irish fine dining that the restaurants did not serve beer, just wine. So Liz and Tom ate in pubs where you could get beer.

Alexander the Great said that I should have dirty pictures in the Hot Club section of the Zine. I told Alex that that would get me into big trouble. The Grate One persisted, “We need some sort of pictures.” Mr. D. said, “We want a picture of Tiger Wood’s woody.”

Adam pointed out to me that in the last Sportzine the ad for Wes’ Rib House looked like it said Dik e street because there was a space between the ‘Dik’ and the ‘e’.

Mr. D. was leaving the Hot Club and Alexander the Great proclaimed, “Elvis has left the building.”

High Wire Bill and I were talking about the US and Bill said, “We used to be the DJs but we are not the DJs any more.”

Pucky said that Tiger Woods has started his cell stem research.

Kevin the Man of Fire said a woman came on to him to come over to her place where she had mirrors on the walls, mirrors on the ceiling. So he went over and brought a bottle of Windex.

Jimmy Chelo told me the story of Ernie, the no account count. He affected an accent and held his cigarettes European style when trying to make it with women. Ernie drove an oil truck. When the women asked him what he was in, he’d reply “I’m in oil.” The No Account Count.

Jimmy C also recalled Charles, who fixed cars, and who was asked by a woman to stop the ticking in her Jaguar. So he did. The car broke down and the irate woman returned. Charles said “Well that was the oil pump. It was making a noise because it was going. So you asked me to stop it and I did.”


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