Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Hot Club

On St. Patrick’s Day, the HC was quiet when I got there around 2 PM. I said it would pick up when the pub crawlers came in. Adam told me that pub crawls had been outlawed in RI. The response from Pal Al and I was: “What no pub crawl? I’m leaving.”

So when two groups of college students came in about 4:30 on a pub crawl, I grilled Adam on this ‘illegality’. He muttered something about non-enforcement of the law.

The film crew for Body of Evidence, a TV pilot, has been shooting in La Prov. The day before St. Pat’s, they were filming at the Hot Club and on Captain Tom McGinn’s boat. No wonder I got strange looks when I walked thru a scene across from the Turk’s Head Building on the way to the Hot Club on St. Patrick’s Day. Hope the pilot gets picked up.

Alexander the Great said that I got it wrong about the Leo Sayer song that had a section that was lifted by Sting. The Sayer song was (I Love You) More Than I Can Say.

Greta recently had a baby girl, Gianna, according to CJ. We wish Greta and her family the best of health.

We were speculating whether UConn had ever played URI in basketball. We were hoping that UConn would beat Virginia Tech in the NIT so that the Huskies would have to play the Rams at URI. We figured that had never happened. Bags thought that UConn and URI might have been in the Yankee Conference together. Foot Joy didn’t think so. The Wise Man and I weren’t so sure either. Bags wanted credit if it did occur.

Frequent Flyer was scanning the Hot Club one recent Friday. I asked him what he was doing. “I’m counting cougars”, said FF.

Told Wise that David Letterman said Tiger Woods may not win a green jacket at The Masters but his wife Elin will win a green jacket – made out of Tiger’s money. Online a Twitterer said that Tiger has added Flo the Progressive insurance lady to his harem.

And I mentioned that in talking about Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer suggested that “You guys should be able to take shots at him.” I envisioned Tiger on a golf course with his fellow pros whacking balls at Woods.

The Hot Club (HC) as the Hotel California (HC): Patti Quimby recently returned to visit.

The Wise Man has company in having problems with MLB opening the season on Easter Sunday night. Jackie MacMullan, a traditionalist, said on WEEI that she does not lik


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