Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Hot Club

Foot Joy took a photo of a sign on a door. Why? Because it read “If a man’s alone in the woods with no women to hear him, is he still wrong?”

Amanda, the Hot Club’s resident expert on horror and psychotronic movies, said she saw Thor and liked it. We also discussed Piranha 3D, which both us found very entertaining. So I told Amanda that I read there will be a sequel to Piranha 3D called Piranha 3 DD.

I kid you not.

Patti Q stopped by the HC last week. It was her birthday. Her friend Cheryl, who went to St. Xavier’s with Patti, met up with her. Cheryl’s birthday is May 21. Cheryl said that someone has predicted that all the good people in the world will go to Heaven on that date – May 21, 2011. So Cheryl said that she invited a bunch of her friends to a party knowing that they’d all still be around. Cheryl is calling it The End of Days party.

My brother Brad came into town and showed us a full page ad in USA Today (Friday the 13th) that May 21, 2011 is ‘Judgment Day’ because there will be a worldwide earthquake that day. The ad trumpets Harold Camping’s book Time Has An End and website familyradio.com. Harold thought the end would be in 1994 (1994?), but left himself with an alternative date of 2011 so he could sell more books. The ad starts with the quote: “MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE”. This sheep isn’t being fleeced and says “Baaaa.”

Saw Scott McKay and greeted him with “Great Scott!”

The Wizard says that Jacoby Ellsbury has the PawSox record for longest hitting streak at 26 games. The old record was 18. A Google check shows that Ellsbury has the record of 25 straight in August of ’07 with Pawtucket. That beat the PawSox record of 19 held by Dave Stapleton and Dave Berg.

One of the regulars has a new nickname–Jelly. It’s from Analyze This. Jelly, phone home.

The Wise Man presented the Wizard with a special proclamation honoring him on his birthday. Whoever did it for Wise misspelled the Wizard’s last name.

Glad to see Alexander the Great back at the Hot Club. The Grate One had a bad accident in which a dumbwaiter fell on him and broke all his ribs on one side (12), caused a collapsed lung and mangled his ankle. We wish Alex a speedy return to good health.

On hearing this, Contraire said to Alex: “You only broke 12 ribs?”

Gentleman Joe was in the Hot Club last Friday and said that he had to go shake hands with The Don.


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