Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Hot Club

Not only does The Hot Club have a new toilet seat in the men’s room, but the booths have been paint brushed a new blue. The Hot Club is being made snazzy for the summer crowd. And there’s work being done on Bar 5.

The Hot Club as Hotel California – you can check out but you can never leave: Brothers Obasie and Bernard were there Sunday and sister Mary was still there too. The only one missing was Maya.

Chuck D Computer is back from China and had phone pix of dine out delicacies like whole squid, pigeon and duck eggs. The definition on the pictures was awesome for a phone (an I Phone I believe). Chuck ate donkey but not Francis the Mule. He didn’t speak highly of donkey meat. Chuck also had Sea Worm, which looks like tubular intestines.

Chuck and I were talking about the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. It was after Russia sent a dog up first. I mentioned that the guy had to be small because the capsule was so small. Chuck said the guy had to like Milkbones too. Chuck said they also had a special arm that came out and it would whack you with a rolled up newspaper if you did something wrong. Not bad since he was coming off a 13-hour flight from China.

Voices overheard at the Hot Club: “Who has more credibility? (Gary) Sasse or (David) Cicilline?”

Foot Joy said that there was a woman named Barbara Leonard that ran against Bruce Sundlun for Governor. According to FJ, Sundlun made the remark that it was the first time that he had a blonde chasing him.

Bags had an upset stomach, and at some point he brought up coke syrup. My mother has always been a big believer in coke syrup. It used to be available over the counter but now is found only at the pharmacy.

Foot Joy mentioned that the Job Lot on Pawtucket Avenue used to be the Green Stamps redemption center. I once worked for Almacs and we gave Green Stamps with groceries.

Mike Module has a friend whose claim to fame is that he repaired John Cafferty’s vacuum cleaner. Vac Man said Beaver Brown’s Cafferty dropped it off just as his wife was going into labor. The vacuum was an Electro Luxe.

Chuck D said that Alexander the Great, who was seriously injured in a work-related accident, is better. We wish Alex a speedy recovery, and hope to see him at the HC soon.

Sportzine is also available at jimdawsonsports.com (Thanks to Buffalo Steve)


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