Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Hot Club




575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

We were calling last Friday (the 20th) the Eve of End of Days. Eve of The Rapture. Gentleman Joe joked about Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire, and then told Pal Al and I that he went out with a woman like that - Eva Destruction. As we were talking Blondie was doing Rapture in the background.

Asked Contraire what he was doing for The Rapture and he said he withdrew all his money and put it under his mattress.

Kirk the Younger had some good ideas for The Rapture – tell all those closest to you that you love them, settle old grudges and have an orgy. Rapture before The Rapture.

Bags said he thought the Bruins were in the Stanley Cup Finals in 1990 or 1991 against Edmonton. The last time I remember was in 1972 when they beat the Rangers for the Cup. A Goggle check reveals that the Bruins did indeed play the Edmonton Oiler for the Cup in 1990 and lost 4-1. The Bruins also lost to the Oilers in 1988 (4-0). Forgotten were the Bruins losses to Philly in ’74 (4-2), and Montreal in ’77 (4-0) and ’78 (4-2).

CJ saw my wounded hand (left middle finger) and said, “You can’t peg a finger at me.”

Chet, Charlie and I were talking about Bill Buckner, the Red Sox guest that night for the Cubs game. Charlie applauded the classy BoSox organization and recalled Billy Buck was also a Cub. I always defended Buckner and said it wasn’t his fault that they lost the World Series to the Mets. They were all to blame – Stanley, Gedman, Calvin Schiraldi. Schiraldi was never the same (after being a better pitcher than teammate Roger Clemens at Texas). I was so happy when the Red Sox brought back Buckner last year.

So Charlie was talking about how the Teixeiras around this area pronounce it as Tex, while the Yankees’ Mark Teixeira uses Tesh. Charlie said it was like Target or Tar – zhay – one sounds classier.

One of the Regulars, sometimes known as ‘Paulie Walnuts’, told me that the actor who plays ‘Paulie Walnuts’, as well as the one who is Bobby Baccala, were in the Hot Club around 12:30 Sunday afternoon. Sure enough, Jessa had a camera phone pic of herself and barmate Jackie with the two Sopranos actors. Jessa said she had never watched the show and didn’t know who they were.

Beau told me that the real ‘Paulie Walnuts’ ordered some food, but didn’t like the seeds on the roll, so they had to cut them off.

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