Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Hot Club

Charlie Clancy really likes Adrian Gonzalez’s inside-out swing. Charlie said it was the best one he’s seen since Fred Lynn. I had to agree. If only Freddy had stayed in Boston. He tattooed that wall in left!

Gentleman Joe compared women with fruit. He said women come in all sizes, shapes and colors. And you wait for them to get ripe. I said to Gentleman Joe: “What, men aren’t like fruit?”

Super Dave of the Grill played a song called Pepper. I checked to see who did the song since I had heard it before and liked it. It was by the Butthole Surfers.

Foot Joy and I were talking about great names in baseball like the Tigers’ Charlie Furbush. Foot Joy recalled when the Toronto Blue Jays had two relievers that often pitched one after the other. One was Dave Bush and the other was Brandon League (now the closer for Seattle). So the box score would read Bush – League.

Gentleman Joe introduced me to Meghan, a young woman who said she was ‘older than time itself’. She looked like a college student but said she had already graduated.

School Teacher Stephanie was enjoying the summer-like weather at the Hot Club. However Stephanie admitted that she got a little riled up after a guy with whom she was talking asked her who she was texting. Stephanie didn’t like the intrusion into her private life. “I don’t even know him”, she said.

There’s a new sign for boat tours on the deck of the HC replacing the one for Captain Joe’s (Dempsey) tours. Tom McGinn is now the captain and skippering the boat tours. There is no better way to see and hear Water Fire than from Tom’s boat. Just remember that you have to pick up the boat for Water Fire in Water Place Park (and make a reservation first at 580-BOAT). All other tours leave from the Hot Club pier.

Beau was trying to get through the crowd with a case of beer. Some guy in stripes accidentally hit Beau in the face as he walked by. Seeing this, Buffalo Steve said of the guy, “He looks like he should be in stripes.”

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