Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Hot Club

HOT FLASH! The Hot Club Men’s Room now has a new right urinal, one of those eco-friendly Sloan water-less wide troughs. It replaces one whose handle would sometimes stick and when it did, the urinal would overflow. The HC has joined the 21st Century!

Beau was wearing a red T-shirt. Then I noticed that he was color coordinated – he was also wearing red Nike sneakers. Beau, resplendent in red.

Some stranger named Mike walked up to Mr. D. and me on the deck. He congratulated us and said that he wanted to be like us when he got our age. He seemed surprised that ole folks like us could still be having a good time. Methuselahs on a mission – to have fun.

Fleet Feet Pete went to see the Young Adults. Fleet Feet said that Rudy Cheeks wore Gumby boxing shorts. Mike Module also went. He said that the band had some horn problems, but sounded great on It’s A Complex World.

Patti Q was in the house recently. Mr. D., Patti and others have suggested that I join Facebook, but I’ve always resisted. Patti told me that I am now on Facebook. Well, the Sportzine is. Seems that Obasi put Sportzine on Facebook.

Foot Joy and I were talking about the Dave Bush - Brandon League ‘Bush-League connection’. I noted that Brandon League is now Seattle’s closer while David Aardsma is on the disabled list. Foot Joy thought Aardsma had gotten traded, so he got his Xoom from the car. Aardsma is on Seattle’s disabled list. The Xoom got the answer – a handy little machine that has a screen big enough you can read it (even with ancient eyes).

Foot Joy noted that Aardsma is now the first player listed statistically in Major League Baseball references. That honor was held for many years by Hank Aaron.

The Wizard said he had no verification but that there was a rumor that when they completed the Yale Bowl that they buried the steam shovels at the bottom. Urban legend?

High Wire Bill played Aaron Neville’s Tell It Like It Is. Bill said he’s seen him three times with the Neville Brothers, once at the Tent. Bill said they were awesome all three times. Bill said that when Aaron got off the bus, women cried. It was like the Beatles.

Broc was saying that he’s like school in summer – no class. Broc has a lot of class.


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