Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Hot Club

Recently Mike Dutra (the Voice of Frank Sinatra) stopped by the Hot Club. Mike used to sell franchises. I told him, “You’re the franchise now.” Bags told me that Mike Dutra’s old job selling franchises is known as a ‘business broker’. CJ overheard Fleet Feet Pete and Mike Module talking about their recent Hot Club band gig. CJ asked Pete and Mike: “Oh, that’s when you started dating?” Hooks told me that I erred with the Hot Club’s old corporate name. He said it was ‘Eat in or out’. So it happened that Josh Miller stopped by and I asked him. Josh confirmed that I had it right, it’s ‘Eat or out’. Josh also revealed that that corporate name still exists along with the new one – B&M Waterworks. ORric saw the Zine story about Dr. John and doctors being ‘Balkanized’, the white cell guys not talking to the red cell guys. ORric said he calls that a ‘Blood Brain Barrier’. He’s not sure what that is, but he’s on the ‘Brain’ side. As for the white cell guys not talking to the red cell guys, ORric said that obviously there is an infection going on. Talking with 5 Angels and Contraire about beers, 5 Angels asked me about a beer from Milwaukee and I recalled ‘Old Milwaukee’. Contraire didn’t want to give me any writing material. According to Contraire –“You always misquote everything.” He added, “Five Angels says you misquote everything.” No, that’s what Contraire says. Contraire apparently has stopped taking advantage of those poor people on the Hill. Contraire no longer takes money off of old men while playing gin at those Atwells Avenue social clubs. So we were trying to figure out why Contraire stopped gambling and playing cards. 5 Angels said it was because Contraire went to confession. That did it. Contraire said he’s become a Born-again Christian, but I’m not buying that. Mike Module was talking about having the fantasy of knocking over a row of motorcycles and then taking off on a scooter. That reminded me of the scene in the Clint Eastwood movie with the orangutan Clyde, who reached out and knocked over a row of motorcycles. Fleet Feet Pete remembered it was Every Which Way But Loose. We were talking about Curt ‘Stuff a bloody sock in his Mouth’ Schilling. Joking Joe said that Schilling’s next video game will be called Grand Theft Rhode Island. Joe ‘fessed up’ that he heard it on the radio. Sportzine is also available at jimdawsonsports.com (Thanks to Buffalo Steve)


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