Friday, September 14, 2012

The Hot Club

Stephanie was talking to us on the deck. Her friend Vinnie stopped by. Somehow the talk turned to cars. Vinnie said that when he was 14, he used to take out his brother’s Corvette. I said every red-blooded American male wanted to have a Corvette. Then I mentioned my Datsun 240Z. Mr. D. used to drive an MG and a Mustang. All of sudden, Stephanie said, “Oh, guys! You’re talking about cars! I’m here!” So I said to her: “I was just about to ask you what kind of car you drive.” We changed the subject. FootJoy was wearing a new hat. I asked the Wise Man what he thought of the hat, and he said it was good. Then I asked Wise what he thought of what was under the hat. FootJoy said something about ‘needless rejoinders’. ORric mentioned ‘AMF yoyo’ to me. What is that? It stands for ‘Adios, mother f**ker, you’re on your own.’ Contraire had a copy of Maxim magazine. He showed me a picture of a Russian woman and then added, “Well, you don’t want to be russian them.” Charlie Clancy introduced me to his nephew Matt who predicted that Jason Varitek would be the next Boston Red Sox manager. Turns out Matt is also a Dawson (unrelated). When I told Charlie that I hoped the Patriots meet the Giants again in the Super Bowl and finally beat them, he said that he hoped the Giants were undefeated when they play the Pats in the Super Bowl. Comeuppance! The PVC pipe in the Hot Club men’s room says Besh Kosh with a couple of what looks like crosses or crucifixes. Where’s Kosh? According to Dr. John, Rhode Island is two feet larger at low tide. Doorman Marty walked by me on the deck and I noticed he had a paper trail, paper sticking to his boot. He was past me by then but I saw Beau and suggested that he tell Marty. Beau laughed and said “I’m not telling him!” Sportzine is also available at (Thanks to Buffalo Steve)


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