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JANUARY 15, 2018
The mantra this year for the Patriots is ‘Not Done’. They showed that they are Not Done after dismantling the Tennessee Titans 35-14 in un-Nashville-like weather (24° game time, a drop of 30 degrees during the day). In fact at 28-7 with 4:02 left in the 3rd quarter, the game was over. When Gronk got it to 35-7 on a 4-yard TD catch in the 4th quarter, many frigid fans headed for their cars. Fans like Driller Killer, ‘Search Her’ Susan and I stayed to the end. Soaked it all in. The early departure made the escape from the parking lot much easier.

The Patriots were going to win this game anyway, but a key play came with the Pats up 14-7 but pinned at their 14 and 4th and 5. Initially Geneo Grissom was called for a penalty, but it was changed to ‘neutral zone infraction’ on Brynden Trawick which gave the Pats a first down and new life. They ran another 12 plays and scored to make it 21-7 just before half. The Defense would then stop Derrick Henry on 4th and 1 (M. Butler and Gilmore – 5-yard loss).

Tom Brady lit up the Titans on 35 of 53 for 3 passing TDs. He was never sacked and hit but 4 times on 53 throws! Good job by the O Line which lost RT LaAdrian Waddle with a knee injury. Cam Fleming stepped in and did a good job. That same O Line helped NE to 101 yards rushing, a way to keep Brady healthy. Lewis led with 62 yards (15 carries).

The receiving stats were incredible. Amendola 13 targets – 11 catches (112 yds.). Dion Lewis 10 targets, 9 catches (79 yds.). Strangely neither had a receiving touchdown. But Gronk (9/6) and White (7/4) did. And Hogan’s only catch was a TD.

In fact, James White had a rushing and receiving TD. With White and Hogan back from injury, Dorsett (active) didn’t play nor did Kenny Britt (inactive).

The Defense set a record with 8 sacks. The amazing thing about this team is the ability to plug in players who are other team’s discards or an unsigned free agent or a practice squad player and succeed. Ricky Jean-Francois had a sack as did Alan Butler (rookie free agent). James Harrison had 3 tackles. Geneo Grissom, who was mostly on the practice squad, had 2 sacks. A tribute to DC Matt Patricia, who may be gone soon.

Other D notables: Marquis Flowers had 4 tackles and a sack. Trey Flowers had 3 QB hits and a sack. Rookie Dietrich Wise, Jr. had 2 sacks.

The D was able to stop the run and the pass. Marcus Mariota (4 for 37) had more yards than Derrick Henry (12 for 28). Once the Titans got behind, they had to abandon the run.

On their fourth possession, the Patriots went to a no huddle offense. It sparked them.

Bill Belichick must not like the Titans and their organization. Up 35-7, Brady tried to hit Brandin Cooks on a long pass up the left sideline.

The Patriots will face a tough D when they play the Jacksonville Jaguars next Sunday. It will take another team effort to get to the Super Bowl. Keeping Brady upright and unharmed will be crucial. Nothing is guaranteed. Just ask Mike Mitchell and Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin who were more concerned about a rematch with NE and forgot they had a game with the Jags.

Congratulations to my Minnesota friends, Mike Curtis, Dave Knudson and Steve Born who are still walking on air after that Minnesota Miracle win. Supposedly no one’s ever had a walkoff win in an NFL playoff game. This was one for the annals. The Saints weren’t blessed on this day as a 61-yard pass and catch with 10 seconds left buried them

However as I pointed out to my Minnesota friends, had Marcus Williams stayed on his feet and tackled Stefon Diggs, the game would have been over. And what was Saints Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen doing, celebrating the win? You can bet that the Patriots would have been in a different prevent TD defense than that of New Orleans.

ESPN has announced that the 30 on 30 show with Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick is scheduled for February 1 at 9 PM. Must watch TV for New England football fans.

My guess would be Creedence Clearwater Revival. I was home on leave in July, 1971 and got to see them with Bo Diddley at the RI Auditorium. Barry Spadea You are correct - it's Creedence Clearwater Revival. Lucky you - I never got to see them perform live. - Z
CCR is the band your looking for I believe. Ken Forestal Yes that's CCR, Ken. Way to go. - Z
The Wizard let me know that Eric Clapton is going deaf and has trouble with his hands when playing guitar. Checked and Clapton admitted that he has tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and that his hands ‘just about work’ (NBC – 1/12 of a BBC Interview).

On a more upbeat note, the Wiz said that Leo Kottke (a personal favorite) would play the Greenwich Odeum on May 10. Kottke is one of the best 12-string guitarists ever. And his singing is better than his take on it (sounds like ‘geese farts on a muggy day’).
Incidentally, Jackson Browne (with a band) will be playing PPAC, the night before (5/9).

Dr. John, who skis, said that a man named Hans Badrutt helped invent skiing as we know it. Back before Badrutt, only shepherds skied and that was to get to their flocks. Badrutt had a hotel in St. Moritz in Switzerland. He convinced some Brits to come back to his hotel in the winter of 1864 and some did. It became the first European winter resort. Visitors learned to used sleds, toboggans and skis (The – 11/15/14)

Aaron, aka Bob Seger, and I were talking about Country music (always a place in my heart for Country). He liked Neko Case, whom he said had a modern Country sound. I told him that the woman who played music at our St. Ray’s canteen dances must have had a spot in her heart for Country as she played Patsy Cline among others.

Last time I asked you to name a band with an unusual name and a sound that seemed different from where they hailed. They have the most #2 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 without ever having a #1 hit. Barry Spadea and Ken Forestal knew it was Creedence Clearwater Revival. CCR came from El Cerrito, CA, but their sound was like swamp music. Per “The quartet turned professional in December 1967 and changed their name to Creedence Clearwater Revival (from Golliwogs). Tom Fogerty had a friend at work who had a friend whose name was Creedence Nuball. John Fogerty took the "Clearwater" part from a beer advertisement. "Revival" referred to the band's rebirth or revival.

This band was not rock music critics favorite but they had a strong following. Their first two albums went gold and in 1971 they sold out Shea Stadium faster than the Beatles. Name?


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