Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Hot Club

Mr. D. said he hates the saying "It couldn't get any better." Of course it could get better. Like if a woman was… Never mind.

We were talking about Dwight Brewington quitting the PC Friars basketball team. It doesn't make any sense. I said that I was at a loss to explain it. Foot Joy chimed in, "He just doesn’t listen." Brewington is deaf. Not PC. Well, PC but not PC.

Sean was in the Zine for the first time last week. He wanted to know why he didn't have a nickname. I told him that the people who have nicknames usually have them because they've done something bad. So if you want a nickname Sean…

Brendan was talking to me when Sean warned him to be careful what he said or it would end up in the Zine. He told Brendan to say it was off the record. Brendan told Sean, "Oh no, I want to be quoted."

Erica was talking about someone she knows who was at a party when someone put a 'roofie' in her drink. Apparently this is the name for the latest date rape drug.

A guy was leaving the Hot Club. He looked at me and said "Time to go home. Time to be real. I don't want to be real."

We understand that some of the bartenders have nicknames for some regulars - Mr. Magoo, the Dirty Librarian, Rim Job. Not sure if Mr. D. or I have any names.

Sean and his female friend were leaving the HC. Erica said, "Don't stay out late."

Mr. D. was talking to a guy who met Frankie Valli while at LAX. The guy said Valli's hand had gold rings on every finger. Contraire was listening in and added, "You need someone to cut off his hand."

Erica chastised Obasie for answering his cell phone while talking to us. She said she has told people on cells in restaurants to have some phone etiquette and take it outside.

Who were the foursome that thought it'd be fun to get black and blue together?

Our best to Jessica Van Damme who is back briefly from Amsterdam.


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