Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Hot Club

Peter, one of the newer HC bouncers, told me that Toto's song Rosanna was written for Rosanna Arquette (sister of Patricia and David). Seems that Toto's lead singer went out with Rosanna. I'll always remember her for Executioner's Song and Pulp Fiction.

Victor was pondering on the perfection of a good beer when he declared "Beer is to a glass like … And when he paused I quickly added, "Like taste to the tongue."

Vic, Patricia and I were debating the merits of breast-feeding in public. I mentioned the recent Victoria's Secret display of motherly love. Vic wasn't sure that he should have to have it 'shoved down his throat'. I told him it was the baby that was having it shoved down his throat.

A guy walked onto the deck with a T-shirt that read "The Liver is evil. It must be punished."

Mr. D. and I were talking about people who try to make their troubles yours. Mr. D. said his grandfather had a perfect saying for that: "My cow died. I don't need your bull."

A young woman strutted by with a T-shirt proclaiming "You can't afford me." I told Mr. D. "That woman doesn’t have a heart." Mr. D. said he had some loose change for her.

Overheard at the Hot Club about 2 guys who have been long-time friends: "We just want to know which one of you is the pitcher and which one is the catcher."

A woman entered the deck wearing a dress made of some clingy material that barely covered her butt. I called it 'Butt Me Cover'. I asked Foot Joy what kind of fabric was in the dress. FJ said it was made of "Klingon material".

Welcome to Maye, a new addition to the deck waitstaff. Maye (pronounced Maya) is a junior at URI and is majoring in psychology. Should I warn her about Contraire?

A customer I had never seen before came to the inside bar complaining about the ladies' room toilet being clogged. She kept saying that she was going to her car to get a plunger to unclog the toilet. Contraire told her, "You have to go head first."

Contraire looked at the Falcon who swooped in for a rare visit. Contraire called the Falcon a nut. I said to Contraire, "Well, you're talking to him!" Contraire replied, "I'm talking to a nut."


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