Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Hot Club

The Caustic Cutie (CC Rider) bopped in to the Hot Club. We were talking about amusement park rides and she revealed that she loves roller coasters - and cotton candy. She can tell the difference between the pink and the blue with her eyes closed. CC is a cotton candy connoisseur.

Our best wishes for a return to good health of Mr. D's mom Anna who has been very sick. And Tuesday (7/25) is Anna's birthday. We wish her well and a speedy recovery.

A woman was wearing a T-shirt that read, "Wanna see my favorite position?" Later I saw the same shirt and realized it read, "Wanna see my favorite yoga position?"

Foot Joy and I were talking to a smoking redhead who is a Yankee fan. She seemed knowledgeable and was complaining about ARod's 17 errors. So I asked her if she'd trade ARod for Manny. "Yeah", she admitted.

Bags was walking the city with the Wise Man who is running for Providence city council. A man (Bags swears he was 95) thought Bags was Wise's father! Last time, someone thought 5 Angels was Wise's son. So that makes Bags the grandfather of 5 Angels!

Hooks was leaving the HC and said to 5 Angels: "Keep in touch with yourself."

The Warden showed up with Bello, his Brussels Griffon. And 5 Angels brought Leo, his puppy. The Warden said, "Bello sodomized Leo. He got confused."

Contraire wants to buy a new Camry. He said Boch Toyota has none now. I told him to wait until the fall when the '07's come out and there'll be some at Boch because other dealers will funnel unsold cars to Boch. Contraire couldn't understand this. Foot Joy tried to explain and then 5 Angels. No luck. 1 against 3. But that's Contraire. Later Contraire admitted he doesn't know how to drive a stick. 5 Angels said, "I'm not surprised."

The Warden was talking about Al Lewis, the actor who played Grandpa on The Munsters. According to the Warden, Lewis, who was in his '80's, was asked in an interview what sex was like at his age. Said Lewis, "Like shooting pool with a rope."

Overheard at the Hot Club: "A rib is a poor man's steak."

Tom of the Grill asked me why I didn't drink my Pilsner Urquell in a Pilsner glass. I told him I preferred a pint glass because it holds the whole bottle.


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