Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Hot Club

A group of women entered the HC deck. Mr. D. said, "Barrington Rejected Wives' Club. Their husbands were doctors and now they're divorced." I said, "They'll have to fend for themselves now. Get a job."

New hire Jane walked by on the deck. I said how pretty I thought she was. Mr. D. said he liked how she carried herself and would give her an 'A' for posture. He then added, "I wonder how her penmanship is?"

Our friend Mike Dutra is doing well (he sings like Sinatra). He is getting gigs up the gazoo. Check his web site - StrictlySinatraNow.com.

Dr. John told us he was in Woonsocket (RI) looking for a funeral home to attend the wake of a dentist friend. He got lost (naturally, in the city of one-way streets). He stopped to ask for directions and told the person he was looking for a funeral home on Harris Ave. The Woonsocketonian said, "Oh, are you going to the dentist's wake?"

Dr. John is a pediatrician. Mr. D. asked him if there was any specialty that he didn't want to take up. Without a pause, Dr John said, "Gynecology."

I visited the WC (Water Closet), and on returning mentioned to Mike Module (MM) that I preferred the stall to the urinal when I needed to go. MM said, "You took the suite."

Word has it that the woman (not man) that thought that Bags was Wise's father is Armenian just like him. So Bags has no excuse. His own tribe outted him. The woman looked at Bags and then Wise. She pointed at Bags and said, "You have more gray hair."

Paul ('the Lance') was riding a beautiful '47 Indian. Tom Bates should have been there.

Camouflage Girl (tight shorts to get lost in the jungle and tight top to get noticed among the animals) was prowling the deck. She knocked over a drink on the HC wall and said, "I didn't do it. It wasn't me." Of course, and leopards lose their spots in the rain.

Victor and I were talking about movies. I mentioned a favorite, Mean Streets (Scorsese - 1973), and a line where a guy gets into a fight after being called a 'mook' even though he doesn't know what a mook is. "You can't call me a mook!" Mook-a-lone?


This is a good but not great movie. Michael Mann, who produced the original TV show, is back as writer/director. Mann has done some good movies (Thief, Manhunter, Heat with Pacino and DiNiro). Here he uses a jittery camera that can be both effective and distracting. All those quick cuts. Then repeated shots to show recognition.

The movie starts quickly but slows down to show beautiful scenery, speeding cigarette boats knifing thru blue, blue water, a slew of magnificent water falls (Uruguay?), and love interest Gong Li who plays an integral role. To say more would give up plot elements. But you do need to suspend some major disbelief.

The Colin Farrell (Sonny) and Jamie Foxx (Ricardo) relationship is more hinted at then strongly displayed. Not a bad mix, but we aren't talking Mel Gibson - Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) here.

The movie keeps your interest and moves along at a decent pace. It has a good villain in José Yero (John Ortiz). Actually there are dual villains but Arcangel de Jesus Montoya (Luis Tosar) is less scary than the 'loco pig', as Yero calls himself. Yero has just the right demented look (I liked the glasses). You have two strong heroes so you need at least one big bad ass bad guy.
The climactic scene is fun but derivative. You've seen it before. It works. It fills the bill but like some food, it still leaves you a little empty.

Tom Towles does a good job as Coleman, the bald-headed guy with bad tattoos who opens and closes the movie. The role of Miami police lieutenant Martin Castillo (Barry Shabaka Henley) is also strongly played.

My daughter Cara and I caught this movie together. She liked it a little more than I did and gave it 4 boxes of popcorn out of 5. I would give it 3 1/2.

For other takes on this movie, go to web site: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0430357/
And thanks to Victor for the suggestion about linking to a film review site.


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