Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Hot Club

Word was passed that new bartender Lauren wondered why I hadn't printed the beer bum story in the last Sportzine. It was because no one had told me the tale. Seems that a homeless guy scaled a fence and got onto the deck of Kurrents, the bar/restaurant next to the Hot Club. There he drank 3 small beer kegs that were in the deck bar. Employees found the inebriated vagrant passed out when they opened for business the next morning.

Later I talked to the chef at Kurrents. He told me that Monday morning they discovered the homeless guy with his pants down to his knees and soused to the gills. They take off the CO2 cylinders and the beer was flat but still drinkable. When the cops arrived, they knew the beer bum by name and said, "Pants down again, eh."

On a Sunday night there were 4 kayakers who left the marina heading through the middle gate of the hurricane barrier out to the Bay. It was 8:20 PM and it was going to be dark soon. While the 3 hurricane barrier doors would probably stay open, I wondered how the kayakers would get back in the dark.

Dr. John was talking about his sailboat. It's a 40-foot sloop but very slow. John likes to race his buddies' boats. John said his sloop is so slow it's like 'racing in a limo'.

A woman walked by us on the deck wearing a pink prom-type dress. I said, "Wonder what prom she's going to?" Chuck D Computer said, "Prom-Is-Cuous".

The Dos Equis promotion gals were back, including the blond from whom I got a free beer for knowing that the beer was founded in 1897. Whenever she walked by I had to restrain myself from yelling, "1897."

While talking to Citizen Caroline she mentioned that she wouldn't be calling someone back any time soon on her cell phone. I said, "You mean they're not on your spin dial." Caroline kidded me for not knowing cell phone lingo - "That's speed dial!"

Caroline noticed the guys on the deck openly checking out the women who walked by. She commented on how obvious they were. I told her, "Yeah, we're as subtle as a sledgehammer."

Tinker Bell flew into the HC. She's working at Augie's brother Manny's place - the Red Bridge Tavern. She's also studying to be a nurse. Would I mention her in the Zine? Sure.

A guy was wearing a black tee shirt that said Zombie. Was he a horror fan or into Rob Zombie? Or in Rob Zombie's case, both, as he has a band and has done well with strong horror in House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects.


Having seen Eli Roth's Hostel twice, his sequel was required viewing. Roth wrote and directed Hostel Part II, which is good but not as good as its predecessor. The sequel is slower to develop with more time spent on character development and a secondary plot. In the first we had three men who were in peril, here we have three women beset upon.

Roth starts well by taking care of some unfinished business, so to speak, from the first movie. I won't spoil it by explaining any further. And Roth seems to have used some of the same sets as the first - the Hostel, the Warehouse. Even some of the same characters are back, like the Hostel clerk, and look out for the tattoo of the bloodhound. There is much more about the hunting club.

The return to familiar territory and faces bring back memories of the first film. So there is a sense of foreboding as we await the horrific fate of these three young women. Roth has one good plot twist and you will not forget the ending. Not for every taste. As Adam of the Hot Club said, he doesn't like Torture movies. If you like to be scared, this has some shivers. Lauren German is good as Beth. Bijou Phillips (daughter of John) plays Bijou.


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