Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Hot Club

Tell them Willy Boy is Here or was here at the Hot Club on the deck last Friday. And with him was his brother, and our friend, Puckhead. Willie tells me that he is able to see NHL hockey in the wilds of Colorado where he lives with wife Kate and their horses.

Will, a fervent Montreal fan, has seen his local faves the Colorado Avalanche win 2 Stanley Cups (one with ex-Bruin Ray Bourque). So I asked for whom he roots when the Canadiens play the Avalanche. Will noted that doesn't happen much. When I continued to press the question, Will admitted that he still backs Les Habitants. Old ways die hard.

Willie said that he, Puckhead and the rest of the family, used to listen to the French language broadcasts of the Montreal Canadiens' games. They would put a metal pie plate on top of a transistor radio and pull it in. Will said that the signal faded in and out. I recalled using an alligator clip on a water pipe. And watching the Bruins games on Ch. 38 when you couldn't see the puck for the 'snow' from interference.

Meanwhile Mr. D. was just back from San Francisco where he hooked up with the Cisco Kid and then The Suit in Lomita (near LA). Mr. D. attended a reunion of the high school in East LA where he taught.

Mr. D. was wearing a ball cap, something he almost never does. It was a USC cap in honor of Mark A. Winston's daughter Nicole who is going to USC. Mr. D. said Mark, the fashion maven, had confirmed that it is now acceptable in society to wear little black ankle socks with white sneakers. And there was Mr. D. wearing exactly such footwear to start a new trend from California on the East Coast.

A cocktail beverage glass crashed to the HC floor. It wasn't clear who was responsible for this major flail but the Warden was standing near the broken glass. Puckhead yelled out "Cleanup in Aisle 4."

After driving in RI, Willy wants to print up tee shirts that say, "Where the hell did you learn how to drive? Rhode Island?

Contraire said he and 5 Angels went out to breakfast and a guy asked to read his NY Post. When Contraire went to leave, the guy still had his paper. Contraire got it back. He said, "The guy wanted to marry my paper."

Later 5 Angels was asking about reversible mortgages and I said that you were taking your equity out of the house. Contraire actually agreed with me. Then realizing what he had done, Contraire said he disagreed with me!

5 Angels was stunned by this mental flip flop by Contraire. 5 Angels looked at Contraire and said, "If he makes sense, he gets lucky."

Contraire spotted me taking notes. I explained that if I didn't I'd forget what was said. Contraire suggested my memory was gone and that I had Alzheimer's. I said that I didn't have Alzheimer's but I was retired. Contraire said, "I'd rather have Alzheimer's than be retarded." That's retired.

Later I thought I caught Contraire forgetting something. He said, "I never knew it so how could I forget it?"

Contraire is known for sticking close to Providence lest he get lost. Sure enough he visited Warwick and wandered around for an hour until he saw signs for the Warwick Mall.

5 Angels just visited Cleveland and caught a Yankees-Indians game at Jacobs' Field and he also went to the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. 5 Angels wasn't overwhelmed by the Hall of Fame much to my surprise. He said that the Hall didn't do much with the origins of Rock N' Roll. There was only a little thing for Buddy Holly and no mention of the tragic airplane crash, for example.

So I asked 5 Angels what he did like and he mentioned that they had great exhibits on the Beach Boys and Jimi Hendrix. But strangely they did not have a Hendrix guitar on display, a serious omission given that people fight over Hendrix versus Clapton as the best guitarist ever to breathe. And 5 Angels said there was no Paul McCartney bass.

Easy Ed lamented the late inning loss by the Sox. He said, "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me versus a frontal lobotomy."

The Bern stopped by with his lovely wife Linda. Somehow Bern got to talking about women who become men. He wasn't quite sure how that worked and if it worked. Mr. D. and I told him that with today's technology almost anything was possible. Bern wondered what they called it and I suggested 'penisectomy'. Chuck D Computer overheard the conversation and said quite authoritatively, "It's called Addadicktomy."

Lauren told me that she saw the beer bum on the deck of Kurrents after he drank the small kegs of beer. She said that when she came in to work Monday, the guy was visible (with his pants down to his knees) on Kurrents' deck next door. Lauren said Eben and Adam caught a glimpse too.

The K Man was talking about the Red Sox. He asked the guys what position 'Kevin Uterus' played. Responded Foot Joy: "Up the middle."


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