Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Hot Club

Nice to see a return to the Hot Club of Wendy, who was accompanied by Billy 'White Hair' Johnson, who has also been sorely missed.

The Victor told me that he saw a Willem Dafoe movie that he actually didn't like. It's called Black Widow and he warned me to avoid it. I told Vic that Dafoe is the villain in one of my favorite movies - To Live And Die In LA.

Later I introduced Victor to Contraire, but by doing so, I outted Contraire and Victor pointed that out to me. I said, "Contraire doesn't care." Contraire replied, "I don’t' care."

Contraire said that instead of my calling it the Sportzine Hot Club section, I should call it "Total Lies".

Reports are that some 20 people didn't want to leave the Hot Club at closing recently Broc, Joe, and Big John had to see them out. Hey we all like to stay at the HC, but…

Chuck D said that there should be a society for people who talk too much, going on and on and on. Mr. D. said, "They should have a charter membership at the Hot Club. Men who don't listen. Men without ears."

Wise tells me there is a new cologne coming out. It's called Eau de Lou Commatta. It smells like burnt popcorn.

When The Lou was leaving the HC he said, "I've got to go." Wise replied, "Best news I've heard tonight." Bags chimed in "The second best news will be when I leave."

And Lou Lou wants Wise to buy a radio station. We were wondering about shows to fill the air space. 'Mingling with Mario' was suggested. The first guest would be OJ Simpson. FootJoy said OJ would talk about how to make a human Pez dispenser. If OJ isn't available, they want Claus Von Bulow. Another radio show possibility per FootJoy would be 'Fishin' with Fredo'.

The Red Sox-Yankees game was on. The subtitle scroll was running and Hideki Matsui was up. The had trouble with Matsui and spelled it 'Malt Suey'.

Hooks just got 2 new flat screen HDTVs. He said he spent his 'communion money'.


Well Mr. D. and I joined the Fab Sabs (Mike and Karen) Sunday night for Jimmy Buffett at Gillette Stadium. While I have Patriots' season tickets with Driller Killer, this is the first music concert I've attended there.

We parked on the opposite side of the road from the Stadium so that we could take a right onto Route 1 and head home to RI after the show. It was $40. Parking inside Gillette was also $40 (at least that's what they'll charge for Pats' games). And you can't get out of the parking lots until an hour and a half after events.

There was the usual display of Parrothead paraphernalia, though I must compliment Mike and Karen because their car was adorned more decoratively then anyone around us.

We had our usual Buffett fare - filet mignon and lobster tails. Thanks to Karen and Mike for our culinary delights.

Mr. D. had gotten the tickets online and we were glad just to be there. Any Buffett fan knows that the pre-event camaraderie is as important as the show. We were in Section 335. Mr. D. kidded about needing my binoculars to see the screens flanking the stage, never mind the performers on the stage. We got our exercise going to the seats.

Toots and the Maytals opened for Buffett. I don't remember him ever having an opening act before. I had told a young fan in the parking lot who had never heard Toots that he was in for a treat. Toots (Fred Hibbert) and the band went on at 7:30 and played until about 8:05. It was a short set but included Time Tough and Country Roads.

Buffett came on about 8:50. They shut off the beer lines at 9:10. I was literally the last to get a beer. These days Buffett does almost as many covers as he does originals. But Buffett has an unerring ear for songs that are just right for him. Brown-Eyed Girl and Southern Cross were in good form on this night.

There was a problem with the echo effect but it was smoothed out. And though we were a long ways away, we sang and danced to the music, which overcame everything else.

Buffett played until about 10:50. Our parking place helped us to get home at a reasonable hour - about 12:20 in Providence.


While Victoria and I were whiling away our time in Maine we watched a personal favorite of ours - Sexy Beast - again. The movie sports a tour de force performance by Ben Kingsley who uses every 4-letter word known to mankind. Kingsley's character Don Logan has been sent to bring Gary 'Gal' Dove (Ray Winstone) back from retirement in Spain for one last heist.

'Gal' and his entourage are cowed by the bully that is Kingsley's character. Don Logan won't leave Spain without his man. Winstone does not want to go back but fears Logan. Will 'Gal' stand up to the bully?

In a short time on screen, Kingsley creates a monster of a man that can't be avoided as he careens thru the landscape like a runaway train.

The movie benefits also by the presence of Ian McShane (Teddy Bass) who played Al Swearingen in HBO's Deadwood. In fact it makes you wonder whether McShane based his character somewhat on that of Kingsley's.

The director is Jonathan Glazer whose claim to fame (according to IMDb) before this movie was making music videos for Radiohead.

The dialogue is hard to understand at times because of the British accents. Gal's buddy Aitch (Cavan Kendall) is especially difficult to fathom. IMDb notes that Kendall passed away right after the movie's completion.

Other items from IMDb:
Supposedly the Kingsley role was offered to Anthony Hopkins.
Kingsley claims that he based his character on his grandmother! If so, wow! She must have been one Salty Old Dog.
The movie's tagline is "Sometimes it's hard to say no."


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