Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Hot Club

Seems that Bags has a new girlfriend. Already the regulars are predicting a relationship of some length. Well at least 18 months, which is the line set by Wise (aka 'Ace' Rothstein). This reporter was told that Moe has the under. And then I learned that everyone has the under. Moe told me that Bags is "in duct tape."

Speaking of new girlfriends, Chuck D. graced our presence with new female friend Sue. He introduced us all to her and then went to get her and himself a drink. As Chuck went to the bar for the drinks, Sue hesitated and then followed Chuck. Mike Module said to Chuck, "We'll keep an eye on her for you." "That's what he's afraid of", I added.

Must be the spring weather (birds and the bees?) but reports are that Buffalo Steve's girlfriend is now visiting RI. Will we get to meet her? Will we see Buffalo Steve?

While I was talking about my walks in Slater Park past the Ten Mile river and the reservoir, Mike Module said, "I've caught many fish in that reservoir." Fleet Feet Pete asked, "Is that figuratively or literally?" Mr. D asked, "Did the fish glow?"

Citizen Caroline admitted that to her nieces and nephews she's 'Auntie Kiki'. And Julie is just 'Auntie J'.

A regular was talking to a woman whom he introduced to me as "my next ex-wife." He said the two were discussing future alimony. I said, "You mean post nups?"

Britt and Patti took in the PawSox home opener in the luxury of Moe's box.

Contraire looked at the Wise Man and told him, "You're the above ground counselor and I'm the underground counselor." I misheard it and said Contraire was the "below ground counselor." "Get it right" said Contraire, "It's underground counselor - big difference."

Someone from LaSalle High School called Contraire about contributing to a fundraiser. The caller said, "How about we start you out at $250. Contraire said, "How about you drop a zero."

I told a few people that I made it into the Pawtucket Times sports section last week. Foot Joy told me "Just say you were in the Times." Chuck D added " All the news that fits we print."

Word is that Hooks lit his fireplace - for just the second time.


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