Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Hot Club

Puckhead was telling me that he saw Contraire on Friday and for once the Contrary One was silent. Pucky told 5 Angels "Take a picture of this." I said, "Contraire must have lost his bets Friday." Contraire walked in bragging about the bets he had won. I asked him how he did Friday and Contraire replied, "I lost."

Apparently Bags has dropped out of sight (so to speak). At least one irregular regular (well, the Loo-Man) was trying to start a rumor that Bags was in Las Vegas getting married by Elvis.

Pucky was trying to explain to Contraire that horses in barns need to be kept warm. Contraire said, "Out in the woods, they're not warm." Pucky suggested that Contraire look it up on his computer. Contraire said that he had a computer, but had never hooked it up. "I don't have the time", he added.

Buffalo Steve stopped by. As a song by Meatloaf played in the background he recalled that Meatloaf's real last name is 'Aday'. Steve said, "So, it's a Meatloaf a day." Added Pucky, "Meatloaf and potatoes and gravy."

Mr. D. was standing in front of one of the Hot Club lights. It was just above his head and it looked like the lightbulb of his mind had lit up. We laughed - great idea! Fleet Feet Pete took a pic of Mr. D. His buddy Steve tried to say Mr. D. had only one idea, but I pointed out that the light wasn't going out so Mr. D. had to have many ideas.

Mr. D.'s band Almond Joy will be playing Patrick's Pub this Saturday (May 3) at 9 PM. Come down and hear a fun band and have a fine time. Patrick's Pub is at 381 Smith Street, Providence.

Buffalo Steve was telling me about the time Johnny Carson expressed a desire to guest Dolly Parton to see her natural born beauties. Steve said Carson offered his wages for the month. I recalled Johnny asking Jack Nicklaus' wife what she did to give Jack luck. Mrs. Nicklaus replied that she kissed Jack's balls. Carson asked, "Doesn't that make his putter rise?"

My sincere condolences to Victor who lost his dad last week and also to Easy Ed whose brother passed away recently.


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