Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Hot Club

Foot Joy said that as he was driving by the golfing range, he saw his uncle practicing. Every shot his uncle hit was hooked to the right. Later when he saw his uncle at a family gathering, Foot Joy told his uncle that he should bat second in their baseball lineup. When his uncle asked why, FJ told him his golf shots all went past the second baseman to the right. It made him a perfect hit and run man.

My father was a very good weekend golfer. I didn't do so well. When I needed some cash, my dad suggested caddying. I went to the Pawtucket Country Club but never got out. Only the regular caddies did. One day I finally was chosen. They ditched me after 9 holes. When I was asked where the man's ball went I didn't know.

So I told Foot Joy about the time I filled a foursome at Mt. Washington for a weekend. We were slow so the next day we got golf carts (and were still slow). Most of the time delay was due to my play. At one point a guy yelled from a rise behind us "You're backing up the course!" We let that party play through.

Kirk Feather dropped by and asked us "How many Broadway sopranos does it take to change a light bulb?" His answer: "Six. One to turn and the other 5 looking on saying 'I could do that.' "

So I asked Kirk how many psychiatrists it takes to change a light bulb. "Just one", I said.
"But only if the light bulb wants to change."

Sunday night High Wire Bill said, "Double wins." I was slow to understand that Bill meant the Red Sox win and the Celtics rout. Yes, Double Wins or Twin Wins.

You can always tell the rookies at the Hot Club. Sunday a woman looking for the ladies' room started going into the cooler.

Contraire was trying to start trouble. He told the Wise Man: "Beau says all politicians are corrupt." Wise replied, "I'm a civil servant." Contraire shook Wise's hand and said, "I'm glad you finally admitted it."

Wise didn't like Tito bringing in Papelbon in a tie game. On successive nights. Foot Joy and I had no problem with it. I pointed out to Wise - who won those 2 games? Papelbon. Wise said he wants FootJoy and I to be right if it means more BoSox wins.

Well there was a Bags sighting but it wasn't at the Hot Club. It was at Mr. D's band's gig (Almond Joy) at Patrick's Pub. The Bagger introduced me to Tina, his friend, and I wished them both well. They seemed to enjoy the music.


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