Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Hot Club

Five Angels gave the Wise Man a testimonial Sunday night. Said Five Angels of Wise: "He keeps on top of things."

Bags hasn't been around the Hot Club much. Now there are just 'sightings' as he is spending time with his Tina. I told Moe, "He's an irregular regular now."

Word is that if you call the Bag Man, the message is a shared one as neither Bags nor his new found friend are home to answer the call. Moe says that Bags is in 'serious duct tape'.

Captain Kirk asked Frequent Flyer if he'd heard about Woody Allen's phone message. FF said "I haven't called him in a while." Cap't Kirk noted that Woody says: "I can't come to the phone, but please leave your hotel room number and I'll get back to you."

Talking to Mike Module I noticed that the Hot Club's ATM is called a 'Mini-Bank'. Mike Module said "They should call it a Maxi-Bank and put more money in it."

The song I've Been Waiting For A Girl Like You (Foreigner) was playing on the new HC jukebox. Broc walked by and told me: "I played this for you."

Contraire surveyed the scene and said, "There are no card players around - at least experienced ones."

The Red Sox - Tigers game was on and the Sox were rallying from an 8-4 deficit. I was watching the game on the TV above me while Contraire had his back to it. He asked me what inning it was and I said, "The 7th." Contraire replied "Can't be!" It was the 7th.

Josh of the Grill wanted to bet Contraire that the Sox would come back to tie the game. Josh said he wanted 2-1 odds. As he spoke Mike Lowell hit a tying homerun.

Conversation overheard at the Hot Club: a guy tells his buddy that he just had some major health trauma and went back to smoking. His friend replied, "You should have seen a psychiatrist rather than going back to smoking."

Alexander the Grate was passing by so I stopped him and asked what the password was. He said salicylic acid. No like the Marx Brothers in Horsefeathers I said. Groucho won't let Harpo into the speakeasy unless he knows the password (swordfish). Harpo whips out a sword and a fish. Chico says, "We changed the password."

On the action movie front, Adam liked Iron Man and both he and Amanda loved Rambo.


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