Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Hot Club

The Warden said “The Hawk and the Rabbit.” What did he mean? Some guy latched onto Contraire’s ear Saturday at the HC, and was back on Sunday looking for the Contrary One, who couldn’t get away from the Hawk. That would make Contraire the Rabbit.

A blonde strolled in Sunday night looking for CJ. She was gone to the deck in a flash, passing by Foot Joy in the process. She was wearing a black dress with black boots. When she returned to the first bar, the puzzlement was solved: It was Rusty wearing a blonde wig.

A man said to another man, “I like your moustache. It’s very attractive.” Responded the object of desire, “Don’t go there or you’re going in the water.”

Mr. D. always comments that the new help on the deck always have different footwear. In the past we had Kathryn with her red or green shoes. Friday we had Jackie wearing polka dot sandals.

Beau wore a T-shirt that read ‘Grow Up’.

The Hot Club is like the Hotel California - you can check out any time, but you can never leave. Recently spotted (on the same night) were Christina who tended bar and Kevin who worked the door.

And among previous regulars, the Jack of Fire is back but lately he’s been more smoldering than blazing.

A card player that Contraire frequently plays and beats recently had serious surgery. Contraire told the guy that he was glad the surgery went well. Contraire then told his buddy the card player, “I couldn’t afford to lose you.”

A woman was talking about a man getting a divorce. I said that you don’t want to be the first person to date someone who just got divorced. She said, “Yeah let him get done with the whore bags first.”

We were talking about two women who used to frequent the HC in the summer. One was tall and the other a shorter version. Beau remembered them and said of the short one, “She had a little thing for me.” In the background Randy Newman’s You Can Leave Your Hat On was playing.

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