Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Hot Club

Avery was talking with Foot Joy about a recent criminal who, after being caught by the cops, committed suicide. Foot Joy was trying to explain the situation to Avery when Contraire told Avery: “Don’t listen to him. He gives out misinformation.” Then Contraire looked at me, smiled and said, “I’m being contrary.”

Later Contraire was expounding on sports. I said Contraire is a ‘sports anal-yst’.

Dr. John said that he saw one of his favorite tee shirts in Vail, Colorado. The tee read “If God wanted Texans to ski, he’d have made bullshit white.”

Contraire brought in some LPs of Ike and Tina Turner. The Warden asked Contraire: “How much do you want to pay me to take those albums? Said Contraire, “Two broken legs.”

Sunday night a bevy of beauties were celebrating Jackie and John Dempsey’s engagement. Meghan and Jen Riley were among the celebrants. Jackie was there with her sisters Amanda and Lauren as well as a fourth sister whose name I didn’t get. Their mother Joanne was there too. It seemed like everyone had a good time. Our best wishes to Jackie and John for a healthy and loving future together.

Jokin’ Joe is the only guy that can bring a knife into the Hot Club, and they applaud him for doing so. The knife is for clam shucking.

Sean told me that Frank’s Red Hot is great on popcorn, especially cheese popcorn. Beau seconded that emotion.

A song was playing on the jukebox. Contraire said he liked the song. I asked him what the title was. He didn’t know. I asked him who the artist was. He didn’t know. It was Marvin Gaye doing Got To Give It Up. I told Contraire who said: “Who the hell cares!”

When Contraire saw me enter the Hot Club, he said: “Here come the sports lies.”

Jokin’ Joe wore a tee shirt that read, “Life is sudden death overtime and the clock is ticking”.

The Hot Club is the Hotel California: Good to see long-time doorman Russ back for a visit. And Alexander the Grate returned from 2 weeks in England and Scotland. Now where the hell is Paul Lancia and The Victor?


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