Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Hot Club

Much of the Hot Club talk lately has been about the change in hours – the HC now opens at 4 PM every day, including Saturdays and Sundays. The winter months tend to be slow and with the economy down, attendance is also down (excepting most of the Regulars). The change reduced shifts from 28 to 16. Word is that the situation will be re-addressed in a few months when the weather turns better.

Pucky told me that there is one Chinese restaurant in Burrillville. I told him that he was lucky to have one. The Warden said that the Chinese restaurant is probably owned by Italians.

They tell me that if you call Bags now, both he and Tina are on the message.

Jokin’ Joe says he had a parent who referred to his son as having HUHA disease. That’s Head Up His Ass. But the parent assured Joe that he’d take it out.

The Warden wolfed down a hamburger. I said, “You either liked that or you were very hungry.” The Warden replied, “It’s magic. I made a hamburger disappear.”

Jokin’ Joe said that the original rappers were the pirates who used to sing “Yo ho ho…” Joe said that unlike today’s rappers, the pirates did not grab their crotches because they had hooks for hands.

Sunday night was dance music at the Hot Club – Sly and the Family Stone, the Stylistics, et al. Big Kenny and Wise were showing off their dance moves.

Wise says that NSA means No Strings Attached.

Foot Joy says we need the death penalty for parking violators – decrease the number of people. Less mouths to feed I guess.

Foot Joy said to check out the website baseballtraderumors.com. Then Foot Joy yelled into my machine, “FJ also says that farting once in a while will help your digestive system.”


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