Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Hot Club

Frequent Flyer said that his dog ate all the candy in the Christmas stocking and Santa had a restocking fee.

Pucky says he uses udder balm on his hands in the winter.

Early last Wednesday, I sent an e-mail to the ‘Wednesday Wevelers’ asking them to consider showing up at the Hot Club on Wednesday nights. When I arrived last Wednesday night, Frequent Flyer was there. Mike Module was there. Buffalo Steve was there. And then Pucky came in. Around the time I was feeling good about sending out the request for company, each of the guys revealed that they had not seen my e-mail.

And there’s music on Wednesdays as Steve Hodge and Jeff Maher played last week. Acoustic. Jackson Browne, James Taylor stuff. A good cross section. So come on down to the Hot Club on Wednesdays. You never know what or who you’re going to find on a Wednesday night. And if you don’t care to see me, Patti and Lisa are easy on the eyes.

Augie told me that 50 Cent invested $5 million on ‘smart water’ like Glaceau, Vitamin water, etc. 50 Cent made $100 million off his $5 million when the company was sold.

Lizzie, the bartender on Monday nights, was wearing some skin hugging pants that had many metal buttons on the front. She admitted that it was a problem when you had to go to the bathroom. Mike Module suggested she needed Velcro.

Going to a strip club is like paying your taxes. Why’s that? You’re just throwing money away. The speaker has asked for no attribution.

Overheard at the Hot Club: If you can’t go to a strip club and get screwed, where can you go?

Frequent Flyer was returning from Virginia on US Airways. His company makes laser ink T shirts so you can make up unique shirts on the spur of the moment. Chesney Sullenberger had just safely landed that US Air jet in the Hudson River. FF wanted to wear (and distribute to the crew) shirts that said, Sully’s in control or Sully’s on board.

Or how about Scully up front. Is Scully driving this bus?

Those Canadian geese that got sucked into the plane’s engines – Fleet Feet Pete said there must have been a lot of guano. I wondered if we could sue Canada.


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