Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Hot Club



575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

The Wise Man pointed out to the Wizard that Mark Teixeira made more money in 3 hours than Wiz did teaching for the last three years. Wiz told me, “Dude, he made more in 3 hours than you and I combined made in the last 3 years.”

Contraire said to Fran, “Where are you going to sit so I can move?” Added Contraire to Fran, “You broke a record. You made a headline in less than a minute.” Apparently Contraire was his usual contrary self last week when Fran was watching the U Conn women’s basketball team win the NCAA Championship (undefeated season). Contraire got the bartender to change the channel. Fran was upset. Contraire asked Fran, “What are you wasting your time watching this women’s basketball game?”

Said Fran of Contraire, “He needs to go back to work.” I mentioned that I asked Contraire “Are you waiting to get called back to your old job?” Contraire said he didn’t want to go back. And he’s been at the same job for 30+ years.

Charlie Clancy said he saw Don Shula, Bobby Knight and Lou Holtz, all undefeated coaches, on ESPN. They were asked about the difference between today’s players and those of the past. Bobby Knight said with today’s players there’s too much individualism over team and a lot of these guys are in the limelight getting heavy media coverage.

Charlie (C squared) thinks that we should celebrate all 5 days of Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Cinco. He suggested that the bartenders wear sombreros with chips and salsa.

A person brought up betting a parlay (you must win two bets). So I said that someone who knew a lot about gambling told me that a parlay was a sucker’s bet. Contraire said “Correction. Especially when you’ve got the Red Sox in it.” The Contrary One said “Put it down. You heard it from me. The Devil Rays have the Red Sox number this year.”

When I gave a copy of the Zine to Britt, she immediately turned to the last page – the Hot Club section. Josh of the Grill told Britt, “You went right to the last page. Jim writes about people like you on the front page.”

A married guy asks a girl for her phone number. She says, “You either want me to go out to dinner with you and your wife or you want me to babysit for you tomorrow night.”

Broc was drinking a beer called Rising Moon. “Rising Moon. That’s me coming out of the bathtub”, Broc said.

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