Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Hot Club

I met a guy whose father used to be a Providence policeman. The guy uses the same gym as ex-Patriot Patrick Pass and told me that Pass wants to become a Providence cop.

Made the mistake of telling Contraire that I was going to Asheville, North Carolina. Said Contraire, “If we’re lucky, they’ll keep you.”

Easy Ed wouldn’t shake hands with me because of the swine flu scare. “I’m scared. I want to protect myself”, he said (kiddingly). I told Easy Ed, “Just don’t shake hands with any swine.”

Contraire said that David Ortiz was all done. Foot Joy told Contraire that he was all done. Contraire told Foot Joy “You’re going to be all done on the grill.”

Later we found out why the Red Sox 11-game win streak ended – Contraire jinxed them by betting on them the night the streak ended.

Foot Joy is not real fond of an organization called Skate for Joy which teaches inner city youngsters how to ice skate. Think of those poor kids having a chance to skate. “With a big smile on their face”, said Wise Man. It might keep one kid out of trouble. Foot Joy wasn’t buying it. Wise told Foot Joy he sounded like Contraire. “Those are fighting words”, said FJ.

Contraire is always trying to start trouble. He said that he hoped the Red Sox got swept. Wise, Foot Joy and I pointed out that the Red Sox won the first game of the series so they couldn’t get swept. So Contraire said, “I hope they get swept from here on in.”

Lizzy the bartender said that she has a basketball signed by Rajon Rondo which will be raffled off ($1 a ticket) for the benefit of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. See Liz.

Foot Joy and I came up with a brilliant idea for a new product – Jack Daniels popsicles. We told the Wise Man we just needed some financial backing from him to fund the idea. Wise told us what we could do with our popsicles.

Mr. D said that there should be a Steroids Hall of Fame. He also suggested a Gamblers’ Hall of Fame for Pete Rose.

Sportzine is also available at (Thanks Buffalo Steve).


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