Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Hot Club

The Wizard was correcting me about misquoting him on Tiger Woods. He said he never defended Tiger Woods, and never wanted him to surpass Jack Nicklaus for most majors won. Then I said, “Wiz wants Tiger to lose and never win another championship.” Said the Wiz, “I did not say I wanted him to lose.” But I rejoined, “You said ‘I don’t care if he ever wins another championship’.” Wiz argued that wasn’t the same as wanting Tiger to lose. To me it was the same in a manner of speaking. Wiz said I was editorializing.

“Would you like me to put that in your beer?” Who said that to me at the HC in reference to my digital recorder?

I was pointing out the colorful new menu board in the outside bar, but the Jack of Fire was not impressed. Said Jack “If it doesn’t make the beer colder, I don’t want to know about it.” Jack of Fire.

Earnest Ernie leaned over to tell me something so I took out my digital recorder. Said Ernie, “I’m drunk.” Foot Joy quickly added “You know what? He’ll still misquote you.” A little support I suggested to Foot Joy and I wasn’t talking about being a jock supporter.

Foot Joy and I were talking about the guy on crutches who was ‘saving’ the last parking spot for his friend whose car was behind me entering the HC parking lot. Foot Joy suggested a different approach. He said I didn’t have to run ‘Crutches’ over. All I had to do was park my car right there in front of him so his buddy would have been blocked out.

Last week someone found a Trinity keg pull marked ‘Strange Brew’. No evidence that Cream created the brew.

The Wizard chastised me for not putting anything in the Sportzine about Dennis Hopper. I agreed I was remiss because I had been talking a lot about Hopper and the passing of one of the cultural icons of our generation. The Henry Hathaway story (the director told Hopper he’d never work in Hollywood again). John Wayne chasing Hopper with a loaded gun while shooting True Grit (Director Henry Hathaway). That demented role in Blue Velvet. Wiz reminded me that Hopper had a memorable role in True Romance as he and Christopher Walken faced off.

High Wire Bill and I were exulting over the renaissance of David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz and our staying with him all this time. We didn’t want to waive Ortiz last year. We were True Blue fans. High Wire Bill used a boxing analogy: “Ortiz came off of the canvas.”

David said we need a “Where’s Chuck D. now?” He’s not at the Hot Club. He must be traveling. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Where in the world is Chuck D.?


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