Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Hot Club

Fleet Feet Pete said, “That’s admirable.” to Buffalo Steve. Ex- Navy Man Buffalo Steve replied, “I never made it to Admirable.”

What regular deserves a new nickname - Radar?

The Fog drifted in. He said “The Hot Club is a singles bar. You come in single and you leave single.”

The Warden mentioned the song Grazing in the Grass. I said “Hugh Masekela”. “No”, he said. The Wise Man thought Sergio Mendes. The Warden recalled it was by Friends of Distinction. By accident, I came across a reference to the song. Hugh Masekela, the South African trumpeter, recorded it first (1968) and had a #1 hit with the instrumental. Friends of Distinction did a vocal cover version in 1969.

The scores of the golf tournament were shown and I told Victoria that Tiger Woods had just had the worst tournament in his professional career. Victoria said, “Good.”

The Warden asked when Adrian Beltre was showing up for Patriots football practice.

Ryan Kalish is 22. When I brought that up, Foot Joy said “We have underwear older than that.”

The Fog was slipping away and he said, “If I have one more drink, I’m going to get a tattoo and have my nipples pierced.”

Frequent Flyer, Mike Module and others were at a NE bike race. Sobi was one of the race sponsors. Someone saw Jeffrey, Frequent Flyer’s dog (a Dalmatian), drink Sobi from FF’s cupped hands. A photo was taken and Frequent Flyer and Mike Module and group were asked if they’d bring the dog to Sobi’s buffet. When they arrived, a security guard wouldn’t let them in because of the dog. Frequent Flyer pointed to the dog and told the guard, “Oh, he’s the guest. We’re just invited with him.” The guard checked with the main house and then ushered them. The dog repeated his Sobi drink and ate steak.

Jimmy Chelo asked me a baseball question. What happens if there’s a base hit to the outfield and a pig swallows the ball? I told Jimmy that the ball would be dead at the spot where the pig ate the ball. Jimmy said it was a homerun. An ‘Inside the Pig’ homerun.


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