Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Hot Club

The Wise Man says he knows a guy who was surprised that Butler had a team in the NCAA’s. The guy was talking about Butler Hospital.

Our pal Al said that the rooting chant for Morehead State is More! Head! More! Head! And we don’t know what the mascot is. Imagine if they played Ball State. ‘Ball! More!...’

Jessa asked why she wasn’t in the Hot Club section of the Zine. She said she was about to finish her EMT training. Since I’ve been on the DL, Jessa is probably an EMT by now.

Alana and James have season tickets for the URI basketball games. This year, said Alana, there was a woman who was handing out baseball cards of herself. It was Wilma Briggs, who was featured in the movie A League Of Their Own about the women’s baseball league during World War II. Wilma Briggs is 80 (11/6/30).Thanks to Alana for the tip.

Naturally I told everyone the gory details of my finger injury. After the garage door took a bite out of my finger, Victoria’s son Hugh raced me to Miriam Hospital. To stop the blood (and avoid messing up Hugh’s car), I put my left hand in my mouth. When the person at triage asked me questions, I removed my hand from my mouth. The Hugh Man came over with a wet cloth and told me to wipe my face. When I asked why, Hugh said, “Because you look like a vampire.”

When I told Fleet Feet Pete and Mike Module about injuring my finger, Fleet Feet said, “Oh, you had a Stevie Saucepans moment.” And when I told Mary, who used to work the grill, that the pain was a 10 on a scale of 1-10, she corrected me. Mary said that was on a man’s scale. On a woman’s pain scale, it would have been a 6.

Jessa wanted it on record that she and Becky won the first annual RI Jameson’s Specialty Drink Competition. The drink is called ‘Spring Fever’ (it was a Hot Club collaboration also involving Emily, Dave, and Tom) and consists of Jameson’s, Bärenjäger, ginger ale and bitters. Jessa and Becky won a trip for 6 to the Boston Bartenders’ Ball. Salute!

We were talking about the baseball season starting in March (31st). Foot Joy brought in his Motorola Xoom tablet to confirm it. The Wise Man asked if the Xoom could take pictures and Foot Joy promptly took a pic of Wise and me.

Recent visitors to the Hot Club: Patti Q, Christine and Mike, Grillman Tom, both Kirks, and Debbie, a past HC bartender, who was bartending with her daughter Jen.

Charlie Clancy said PC’s hiring of Ed Cooley was the best since Joe Mullaney because Cooley has passion and will stay a long while.


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